Insite as a student organisation aims to provide opportunities and services for students as well as for the business community. Whether owning a small startup business or a large established company we are able to offer advertising on our various forms of media, reaching a widespread audience.

For further information you may refer to the business plan and contact details below:

Business Proposal

Sarah Jane Mallia
Sales and Marketing Officer
Mobile: 79502992


The website – which is constantly updated with the latest news and reaches 50,000 views easily when specific events such as elections take place, both at a University and national level.

Insiter Online Logo

The Insiter magazine (publication is subject to the media team’s decision to print in a specific period) – where one can opt for a number of different advertisements depending on one’s budget and needs.

Total Reach: 12,000
Pass Along Rate: 4

the insiter

 Insiter TV – allowing companies to communicate with the public through short clip ads at the beginning of video.


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Insiter FM – our latest innovative idea which includes podcasts and radio.