GUG President- We do not ‘demand money’

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The President of the Gozitan University Group (GUG) Ryan Mercieca said that his organization does not demand money but rather equality.

“Our aim is to have the lives of Gozitan students equal to those of Maltese students,” Mercieca said.

He was speaking in the wake of the GUG’s latest annual general meeting which took place at the Gozo Campus. The new executive board is composed of:

Ryan Mercieca- President
Jonathan Mintoff – Vice President
Deborah Caruana – Administration Secretary
Shaun Azzopardi – Information Secretary
Denis Muscat – PRO
William Vella – National Officer
Matthew Vella – Resources Officer
Joseph Louis Grech – Events Officer
Lauriann Azzopardi– Social Media Officer
Loretta Grech Lateo – International Officer
Loredana Grech – Social Policy Officer
Sarah Scerri – Education Officer
Philip Mizzi– Financial Officer
According to a survey that the GUG carried out recently, Gozitan students attending the University and MCAST cannot keep up with their rent. The majority of respondents said that their current stipend falls short of rent and transport expenses, which range from €80 to €180.Out of 1,170 Gozitans studying in Malta, only 13.8% participated in the survey.

“GUG will always be relevant as we are not about party politics nor KSU elections,” Mercieca said. “We are about the whole reality of Gozitan students.”

“That’s why we’ve been around for 30 years.”

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What are we able to do and to be?

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I answer for myself, you answer for yourself, she answers for herself. This is not individualism: this means understanding where is it that we are going with our life and what kind of path we really want to undertake in order to shape our significant future.

Life equals opportunities; it’s a gift and we are all entitled to build something upon it. It entails challenges, failures, victories, defeats. It can be the best experience you can have or the worst one: all is dependent on what you do with it.

Energetic attitude, uplifting state, enthusiasm to never stop- these are the qualities that will make your life unforgettable. Persevere. Results are there, waiting for you. Not today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. Patience and willingness. You know that you will manage.

If you really dedicate all you have to transform that area of your life in which you think you can succeed, keep on doing it.

Faith is there supporting you; the tangible outcome of your effort is there waiting for you. It’s not far; it seems such only for the person who’s doing something without purpose, no ideas, no real reason to live. And that is not living, that is letting yourself live.

Answers are plural, are not valid for all your life, they change constantly. Identify the ones which are suitable for you and go after them. Nobody can stop you, except for you. What is useful, and can help you in becoming better, take it; all the rest doesn’t count; it’s just a distraction, a waste of energy.

Commit yourself, understand the real significance of your existence and develop it. You are powerful, you can do whatever you want if you have discipline, if you respect yourself, if you respect others, if you believe in what you are doing.

Life is a discovery, a long avenue that we are asked to follow in order to find who we are and what we need to do in this world. Self­-esteem and a willingness to continue to live are given by the comprehension of what kind of shape we have to attribute to our life.

We are young, we are possibility, we are the future. Let’s do the most we can.

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President Coleiro Preca: “From charity to solidarity”

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In a bid to boost active student participation in voluntary and social events, the ‘Kunsill Studenti Universitarji’ (KSU), and the President of Malta, Marie Louis Coleiro Preca, invited members of all student organisations for a brainstorming session at the Verdala Palace on Saturday.

Two members from each student organisation, including Insite, were invited to discuss how to get more teenagers and young adults to participate in the welfare of society. Through a series of talks and workshops, several ideas were presented.

“Both KSU and the President share a common dream of maximising the student effort in such a cause,” KSU President Gayle Lynn Callus said. “If we extend universally this hand of friendship and solidarity, we will all benefit, rather than just a select number of people.” Callus also made clear that this initiative was not a mere financial one, as that ‘could only lead us so far, but not far enough’. Rather, he said that is through the active participation of teenagers and young adults that initiatives can go further, with the aura of solidarity increasing “two, even threefold.”

“This is not going to be a KSU initiative; rather, this is a way in which a holistic, all-inclusive plan stratagem can be developed; for all students, by all students,” Callus said.

Meanwhile, Coleiro Preca said that the amount of cancer patients who are in need of the help of the Malta Community Chest Fund has doubled in the past decade.

“I did not come here to discourage you,” Coleiro Preca said. “Rather, I am here to tell you that there is work to be done, and I have no doubt that you, the future leaders of tomorrow, are more than up to the task.”

She also spoke about the recent news concerning her ordering the removal of several advertisements from the annual Istrina.

“All those who are vulnerable need dignity and solidarity, not pity,” Coleiro Preca said. “That is why I ordered the removal of those ads. People should donate for the sake of love, and not because of pity and/or guilt.”

Both Coleiro Preca and Callus described the event as an ’immense success’, as a large number of possible activities and ideas were brought up to the fore of discussion. These included a sharp increase in outreach activities, more emphasis on the Xmas on Campus initiative, celebrity endorsements for charity and even the possibility of a fixed monthly donation by each student from his stipend income.

Insite were represented by sales and marketing officer Michelle Grech and editor Matthew Charles Zammit.


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KSU party to replace Freshed Up

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The annual Freshers Week party Freshed Up will be substituted by a completely different party organised by the University Students Council (KSU).

A secret vote was taken during last Friday’s Social Policy (KPS) meeting following a heated discussion during an Organisations Forum earlier this week. The majority of organisation representatives voted in favour of the party being taken under the wing of KSU, and to be organised in the same way as last July’s After Exams Bash party was.

The other option was to leave the party Freshed Up as it has been in the past, managed by Steve Vella and Becky Dalli with the guidance of other representatives. Numerous organisations have been vocal against the latter option, despite Vella and Dalli confirming that they will include more organisation representatives into the party’s committee if necessary.

KSU will therefore be the main organisers of the event, but all interested organisations can give suggestions and participate in the preparations leading up to October 3; the tentative date for this new party.

The format of the After Exams Bash proved successful as over 40 organisations took part, gaining their own share of the profits according to the amount of tickets they sold to their members.

The name and format of the party will be completely different from Freshed Up, especially due to doubts regarding ownership rights over the name itself.

KSU president Gayle Lynn Callus suggested the Maltese name ‘Frisk’ be given to this party, reflecting the first Freshers Week party that was organised by KSU some 15 years ago.

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MMSA calls for more Foundation Programme posts

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The Malta Medical Students’ Association (MMSA) is pleased that work is being done to increase the number of posts being offered in the Maltese Foundation Programme. This news was announced during a meeting held between the MMSA and the Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Chris Fearne.

This two-year Foundation Programme was officially set up in Malta in 2009 as an affiliated programme with the UK. It is an obligatory programme that provides all newly-graduated doctors with the necessary internship training that they need to obtain their warrant to practice medicine and further their studies in the field.

The MMSA called the meeting in light of the increasing number of students being admitted into the medical course, with next October’s admissions reaching a total of over 200 students.

“We are concerned that a lot of medical students will find it difficult to pursue their studies in Malta once they finish the final year of the medical course,” the MMSA said. “Only 100 posts are available each year in Malta’s Foundation Programme. Therefore, a lot of medical students have to either pursue their studies abroad or skip a year altogether and reapply for the Foundation Programme in the following year.”

“Malta’s Foundation Programme needs to offer more internship posts.”

Chris Fearne explained that negotiations are underway between Malta and the UK to increase the posts being offered. “While the exact numbers are still being negotiated, this initiative will improve the opportunities available to medical students and junior doctors here in Malta,” Fearne said. “This will allow more students to pursue this obligatory training on the island.”

“We will soon conduct a study with our members in the coming months, in order to obtain information on where they want to pursue their studies once they graduate,” the MMSA said. “This information will then be passed on to the relevant authorities so as to aid the ongoing negotiations.”

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Y4TE launch new website and logo

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As part of their rebranding, Youths For The Environment (Y4TE) have revealed their new logo and website today. An online competition was held, and from the 5 submitted entries the design by Albert Camilleri was chosen as the winner by the organisation’s executive.

“This new logo reflects our fresh way of tackling environmental issues”,Y4TE President Julia Farrugia said. “Many people regard the protection of the environment as a chore which lacks any sort of ‘cool’ factor”.

To add to their new image, the organisation now also have a website that is more interactive and no longer relies on vague information.

Public Relations Officer Marta Falzon told Insite about a new feature introduced within the website; an open blog. “Having a space open to any guest bloggers reinforces one of the key concepts behind Y4TE” she said, “that of creating a sense of community”.

The organisation is planning a number of upcoming events, including a camping weekend in November.

You can visit their new website at

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