Malta’s mediocre music scene

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After a dreadful exam last Wednesday, I decided to treat myself to a cheeky mid-exam period break and promptly head off to one of the many fancy, overpriced cocktail bars in Paceville for a drink with a friend.  Considering I’m supposed to be studying while writing this article, I will cut straight to the chase and make this as brief as possible:

After rebelliously ordering a pint and enduring the resulting smirk from the waitress, I noticed a small stage set up in one corner of the dance floor.  A few seconds later, a five-piece band started making their way towards the stage, equipped with some of the most expensive equipment I have ever laid my eyes on.  As a musician, you can only imagine what was going through my head at this moment: Go out on a random night out to a random bar and find a live band – I’ve hit the jackpot!  I let my naivety get the best of me as the anticipation for some jazz-fusion or jazz-funk that one automatically expects from such a band in such a location took over.

The drummer knocked his drumsticks together, setting the time signature and pace of the song for his fellow band members.  This was happening…

….“Yellow” by Coldplay….


Halfway into the song, things got even more intriguing.  Two police officers in full uniform walked into the bar and put an abrupt end to the gig.  It was 11.45 pm and the music was too loud.  Music.  Too loud.  In Paceville.

A small argument then ensued between the band members, the manager of the bar and the police.  It turns out the band members are all Italian.

I will now attempt to continue studying and allow you to draw your own conclusions after reading this.  For those who are not sure what to make of it, these are the most salient facts in one sentence:

Despite the huge amount of mediocre local bands, a local bar employed a foreign mediocre band to play their mediocre music in their mediocre bar in our mediocre clubbing district, only to be stopped by the police.

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