SDM and Pulse Manifestos: The differences

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Earlier today SDM and Pulse launched their manifestos for Thursday’s upcoming KSU election. While SDM released their whole manifesto booklet from start to finish this morning, Pulse opted for a more gradual approach by publishing a set of pledges on Friday, and then revealing their complete manifesto today a few hours after SDM. The documents of both sides are evidently longer this year, with focus as usual made on effective presentation. Still, Pulse maintained more concise content in comparison to SDM, with the latter going into far greater detail.


Both propose SDM PULSE
More sockets, charging bays and wi fi connectivity 1. More charging bays in the canteen, quadrangle and common room
2. More electrical sockets on campus, in lecture halls and green areas, as well as more wi fi spots
1. More electricity sockets at Quadrangle, OH and ALT
ERASMUS and exchanges 1. More ERASMUS+ opportunities for medicine and FEMA students
2. More information campaigns for prospective ERASMUS students
3. Minimum of 2 exchanges
1. Develop an Erasmus+ project to identify European-wide projects for the benefit of all
Better opportunities for Gozitan students 1. Work with GUG to maximize eligibility of Gozitan students going under exams in Gozo
2. More courses on Gozo campus
3. Luggage room with adequate security
1. Introduce refunds for Gozitans in conjunction with the Ministry of Gozo and the Gozo Channel
2. Set up a KSU Gozo subcommittee to facilitate transition for Gozitan students
3. Keep pushing for exam sessions in Gozo, particularly resits sessions
More Go Green initiatives 1. Discuss with University authorities the improvement of recycling facilities
2. Car pooling promotion on KSU website
3. More bicycle racks
1. Launch a car pooling strategy to encourage people living in the same vicinities to share car trips to University
2. Commission a waste separation management plan through KPS
3. Public air compressor for cyclists’ benefits
Regulate revision of paper and correcting 1.Ensure objective corrections and track correction of exam papers
2. Student sub committee in education office
3. 5 minute reading time during exams
4. Discuss possibility of eSims web app
1. Support the introduction of two Turnitin submissions as a common minimum for assignments
2. 5 minute reading time during exams
Reduce deadline to publish exam results 1. Reduce deadline publishing of January exam results 1. Introduce an Esims application notifying you about new publications of results
2. Engage in discussions with faculties targeting the timely publishing of results
Opportunities related to V.18 1. Ensure campus plays leading role in V.18, and creates plan of action 1. Aim to offer art scholarships for all students in collaboration with the V18 Foundation
Cultural events and activities 1. Art in Action space
2. Weekend live ins for all students
3. Festa Campus during Summer holidays
1. Organise activities such as KSU World Cup Village and KSU Sports Marathon
2. Promote the inclusion of student-organised activities on Campus such as the Malta Arts Festival through discussion with Malta Council for Culture and the Arts
Enchanced communication with Junior College 1. Training seminar for Sixth Form student councils
2. Organisations Fair at Junior College
1. Introduce a KSU JC App
2. Negotiate with MATSEC Board to introduce new subjects such as European Studies and Legal Studies
3. Hold discussions with the MATSEC Board to make subjects such as Psychology and PE available at Advanced Level
Sports facilities 1. Set up University sports complex
2. Emphasize well equipped sports facilities
1. Engage in discussions with University and Government officials aiming to create a Faculty of Sports and Physical Education
2. Campaign to place artificial turf on the 11-aside ground
3. Install a rubber surface on the University running track
Extended library hours 1. Ensure that extended hours during exam periods remain 1. Lobby for the extension of library opening hours to Sundays and public holidays during exam periods
Refurbishing of Quadrangle 1. Continue working on already advanced Quad refurbishment 1. Finalise the Quad Refurbishment Project
2. Increase Quad’s seating capacity and install extendable tents
More communication between KSU, student organizations and other bodies 1. Strengthen already functioning working groups and offer students new internships with KSU
2. KPS meetings in easily accessible areas with live streaming
3. Hub on KSU website for student organization to coordinate events
4. KSU seminar with organizations at the beginning of academic year
1. Publish online the latest approved Executive Board minutes
2. Hold bi-annual consultation session with every Faculty
3. Re-launch Organisations’ Day to increase student organisations’ exposure
4. Re-launch the International Officers’ Meetings to discuss international opportunities of benefit
Proposed funds 1. Rebuild 5,000 euro Junior College Fund
2. Strengthen KSU’s Transport Fund
3. Set up Student Welfare Fund to help students in financial need
1. Launch a 10,000 Euro Landscaping Fund
2. Establish an Alumni Contribution Fund through which past University students may voluntarily donate an annual sum in aid of RIDT
3. Launch KSU Sports Fund
Refunds and other reductions 1. Continue building on Culture Card 1.Improve the Smart Card Refund System in collaboration with SMGB
2. Introduce a KSU Resource Card offering discounts for international students with emphasis on local products
Student House and study areas 1. Continue working on future plans to relocate Student House
2. Convert the common room into a night time study area
1. Create a storage room in Students’ House
2. Develop a community kitchenette open for all students
3. Develop outdoor study area
Student inclusivity 1. Encouraging voluntary work amongst students, including through Freshers’ Week campaign
2. Improve accessibility for mobility impaired
1. Implement trans-inclusive policy to ensure equality for all
2. Hold a conference to evaluate and resolve the possible discrimination of international students
3. Improve accessibility for disabled person through an accessibility review
4. Promote civil rights and multicultural diversity amongst others through an official KSU Community Policy
Transport and parking 1. 15 minute notice before clamping
2. Time sensors in Car Park 4
3. Follow up on last year’s proposal to start Park and Ride
1. Resurfacing of Car Park 6
2. Improve KSU Application by incorporating bus routes to and from University
3. Extend park and ride proposal for students living in the South


3 Redundant Proposals by SDM:

1. Keep offering services such as parking permits, complaint handling, toga rentals and smart card refunds.
2. Build platform on KSU website for Gozitan students.
3. Keep KSU website up and running and improving it.

3 Redundant Proposals by Pulse:

1. Continue organising already well-renowned KSU events, such as Grad Ball, the Car Treasure Hunt, and the upcoming Summer bash, involving student organisations at the core of the planning process to their benefit.
2. Create a buddy system for first-year students to help them get accustomed to the University lifestyle
3. Give emerging talent an excellent platform to emerge through Campus Fest by widening the concept of the festival

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