Student Activism: A Myth?

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It’s that time of the year again: university students start getting inevitably caught up in the whole KSU election campaign commotion. Proposals for a better University are pitched in, and your newsfeed is flooded with opinionated posts on what should or should not be done. Campus is transformed into an arena and then after all of this is concluded; it all goes quiet.
However, as hard as we may try, can we really get ourselves to care about what is going on? Are we really engulfed by all of this energy that takes over university during election week, but once everything is over, we are back to being as passive about university related issue as much as we were before it all started? This can be viewed from two different angles; complete faith in KSU, or complete indifference about what is going on.

Yet, no one trusts anything completely. There will always be glitches which lead you to doubt something’s credibility. KSU is no exception. Student representation is one of the council’s main roles, but opinions on this seem to differ. Some believe that they are adequately represented, while others think otherwise. Ironically enough, even though students have these sentiments, stepping up and making their opinions heard does not happen often, and when it does, the faces are rarely new. Then again, this mostly happens during the KSU election campaign, and then interest dwindles again. More often than not, it seems like students vote in the KSU elections either because their friends are contesting or because they can’t take being pestered to vote anymore. It also seems like only a small portion of university students which vote out of their own free will and truly care about their representation. In addition to this, the political tendencies associated with both students’ organisations contesting the elections are still strongly felt and noticeably often resented by the student body.

Can such a situation really persist? Unless there is enough awareness and participation in what is going on at University, and not only during election week, there is no guarantee that your sentiments and difficulties will be channelled, acknowledged and perhaps resolved. Involvement, an open-minded perspective and participation should happen all year round.

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