What has happened to politics?

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We’re living in times when four out of the top five Times of Malta articles are in some way related to the general election. This is the time of year when politics becomes the thing to discuss during family gatherings, at school, at the office, and on the bus stop.

I, for one, find it difficult to resist being absorbed into such a discussion and I find myself willingly arguing my opinion till I realise that I might as well be discussing my views with a partisan billboard. However at every one of these unofficial debates, there is always that one person who begs you not to talk about politics – understandable.

What has happened to politics? What are the people fighting for? Gas from a pipeline, gas from a ship? Is that what it has come down to? Our intelligence has been given a backseat in all this – we watch the story unfold, headline after headline, chapter and chapter, and then we’re supposed to argue for or against it, like we have spent the past five years of our lives studying the transportation of gas.

Maltese politics needs vision. The type of vision it had back in the day when the brilliant Herbert Ganado sat down and wrote the ‘Rajt Malta Tinbidel’ volumes. No matter who is elected to government, no matter how the gas is eventually distributed, the people will continue to lose faith in politicians until politicians give them reason not to.

It says a lot, doesn’t it, when a great number of the general election candidates are in fact local council members who have only just been elected to the council. Make it more obvious that you only used the local council elections as a stepping stone, why don’t you? Send a note out to all those who believed you could bring about a change to your locality, and tell them that you never really cared. You have just acted like a newcomer artist who simply needed to gather some fans before being called to headline a festival.

I dream of a day when politics is once again about the vocation to serve your country. When being a politician is considered to be a respectful profession, as it very well should be. Everyday I’m told that I think this way because I’m in my twenties, and that I will lose all hope eventually. That could be the case, but for the time being, I’d rather believe that it isn’t. There are plenty of worthy individuals out there who are scared of politics because of the dirt it brings with it. Some of them have bravely stepped into the world of politics.

Next time you see a devoted politician, say thank you. He is serving your country. And when you meet an individual who is genuinely interested in politics, don’t discourage him. We need more people with vision. Maybe, just maybe, in the future we’ll be quoting a book called “Rajt il-Politika Timmatura”.

People are fed up with the politics where candidates just rip each other apart. The voters lose in the end, because no one really knows what anybody stands for. – Dennis Kucinich

One thought on “What has happened to politics?

  1. jeremy sammut says:

    Wise words. But Maltese politics will reach proper maturity when the culture of labelling people as ”dak laburist u dak nazzjonalist” will finally, some day in our unwritten future, stop. That will be a big big step.

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