Top 10 Moments of Brits 2014

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Considered to be the British version of the Grammys for the past 34 years, the Brits is the witty ad entertaining award show which is always sure to guarantee some amazing performances, awesome acceptance speeches, and the occasional unexpected blunder. Here, in my opinion, are the 10 most memorable moments from this year’s event which was held at the London O2 on Wednesday the 19th of February.

10. Ellie Goulding genuinely shocked

Most of us expected her to win Best British Female, but she definitely didn’t. Almost unable to speak, Ellie Goulding gave a hasty speech while trying to remind herself that the man behind ‘Purple Rain’ just handed her the trophy. Don’t worry though, she quickly came to her senses and performed an energetic mashup of ‘I Need Your Love’ and ‘Burn’ later on. And yes, this means Prince is still alive.

9. Katy Perry with her lifetime supply of highlighters

Looking like she just came out of a stationery, as well as giving some of our Carnival floats a run for their money, Katy Perry clearly showed off the biggest production of the evening. Apart from now slowly becoming predictable, and not really brushing up on her vocals, Katy miserably tried to put in anything Egyptian-related into her performance of ‘Dark Horse’. Insert a Sphinx headdress, and it would have been perfect.

8. Pharrell still very Happy with his hat

Closing the Brits are a huge shoe to fill, so Pharrell Williams again wore his American pilgrim headgear, since for some reason people now seem to know him more this fashion statement than his music. Teaming up with Nile Rodgers to perform his infectious hit from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, Pharrell ended the show in a great way. But seriously, am I the only person who can’t take him seriously with that goddamn hat?

7. Beyonce wows us all

Returning to the Brits stage after a decade, Beyonce was the complete opposite of her risqué appearance at the Grammys. No one can deny that this diva is still the most admired powerhouse in the music industry. A beautifully presented stage, the strongest voice of the night and a potential future Beyonce hit impressed everyone, proving you do not have to twerk to be memorable. We don’t need another Miley.

6. Harry Styles continuously teased

To accept their first award, the boy band everyone loves to hate were one member short when Harry Styles ‘had to do a wee’. This sparked on-going one liners targeted towards the heartthrob by the host James Corden, including my personal favourite when he told now-single Kylie Minogue “As for Harry Styles, I think you might a bit young for him”.

5. Bastimental

The most epic collaboration of the night came when British Breakthrough winners Bastille performed a mashup of hit singles ‘Pompeii’ and ‘Waiting All Night’ with Rudimental and vocalist Ella Eyre. The latter song went on to win Best British Single. This was one of those performances we couldn’t keep our eyes off of from beginning to end, including Ella’s black bodysuit. Google the image, you’ll thank me.

4. James Corden on fire, literally

This happened immediately after the opening performance by Arctic Monkeys, and I personally didn’t realize it was a stunt made just so that the host could say “that performance was on fire”. Yes, I am very gullible. You have to search for a video of it to fully grasp how believable it was, at least it was to me. But seriously, if you see an award show presenter with his arm aflame who starts shouting ‘Oh My God’, you have to end up checking whether you missed the April Fools Day memo.

3. Lorde in general

My obsession with this 17 year old’s music has grown to such a degree, that I couldn’t contain my happiness when Lorde beat pop superstars Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to win Best International Female. And Disclosure’s revamp of ‘Royals’, with Lorde herself providing the vocals, was almost better than the original. Say that she’s overrated all you want, but her deserved success at such a young age is undeniable. Thanks to her, I have accepted that I can never be part of the Royal family.

2. ‘Scotland, please stay with us’

This was officially the most random and confusing award given this year. In response to releasing a surprise album in 2013, David Bowie unexpectedly won the trophy for Best British Male, despite fan favourites Tom Odell and John Newman also being nominated. But that was the least of the weirdness. Noel Gallagher, evidently drunk, announced the ex-Ziggy Stardust as the winner, followed by the words “Did you think David Bowie would be here? He hasn’t got time for this s***!”. Well Noel, he could have at least left a thank you video. But no, he decided to send an even more drunk Kate Moss to accept the award on his behalf and read his speech, and who was wearing one of Bowie’s own costumes. And yes, the speech included the words: “Scotland, please stay with us”. Hashtag cray.

1. Alex Turner gets hilariously drunk

Good old Alex, the man you can rely on to make you laugh your socks off when he becomes extremely intellectual after a couple of glasses. After an abundant intake of champagne, the Arctic Monkeys frontman spent his acceptance speech for Best British Album philosophizing about the science of rock music. In the meantime, award presenter Emeli Sande stood on the side smiling awkwardly and wishing she had presented a different award. For ending his slurry monologue with the strong words: “Rock n roll will never die, and you can’t do anything about it”, I applaud you Alex. Nice save.

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