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Malta’s Farsons Beer Festival is one of the most awaited festivals by the public. Apart from the beer drinking, this festival serves as a platform for new and aspiring Maltese artists. Lauren Aquilina is one of these artists. Aquilina is a nineteen year old young lady, who has been making it in the music industry in England. She’s an inspiration to many young singers in Malta, proving that if you are dedicated to doing something you really love, you will get there.

Tonight at 10pm, Lauren Aquilina will be singing at the Beer Festival for the second time. Having attended Aquilina’s performance last year, I can say that tonight’s performance is not to be missed! So in order to get you all started below you will find Lauren Aquilina’s debut song released back in 2012, and an exclusive interview with Lauren herself.


Nicole: How long have you been in the music industry? 

Lauren: I have been signed for a few months, but releasing music since I was 17. So two years I guess!


Nicole: Could you tell me something about your music, what is the aim behind it?

Lauren: I use writing as a form of release, there was never really any aim, I’m just glad people seem to like it! It’s all very personal and fairly chilled.


Nicole: Which song of yours is your favourite? What’s the story behind it?

Lauren: My favourite song of mine is actually a new one I’ve written for the album, it’s about wanting to be free of something and finally feeling that release. I can’t reveal much more than that!


Nicole: Who are your musical inspirations?

Lauren: I love most music but in particular Coldplay, Stereophonics and Annie Lennox were massive influences whilst I was growing up. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Bon Iver and M83.
Nicole: Are there any new songs to be released soon?

Lauren: I’m writing lots at the moment for my debut album which should hopefully be out in 2015!


Nicole: Could you kindly tell me something about your relation to Malta?

Lauren: My Dad is Maltese which makes me half Maltese :-) I have a lot of family here and have been visiting often since I was really little.


Nicole: How do you like the country?

Lauren: I love it! It’s my favourite place in the world, my paradise.

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