Paper to Screen and Everything in Between

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MCAST’s Institute of Art and Design was founded in 2001 and last night saw the highly anticipated opening of its thirteenth edition of the End of Year Exhibition, titled ‘Print to Screen: And Everything in Between’. Mr. Stephen Vella, Director of the Institute, stated that this title was apt in today’s world where technology is constantly advancing at an incredible level. Therefore, one must always be aware of these changes and keep up with them to succeed.

The exhibition also serves as a showcase for students’ work which was produced during the past academic year in the hope of attracting companies, collaborators and even prospective students towards the institute. Students also learn the tools necessary when setting up an exhibition. I spoke with Maria Borg, a student of Fine Arts who was very involved in not only the setting up of the exhibition but also in the curating and marketing of it. She felt that the exhibition gave her ‘the motivation to create things out of school’.

There is a wide range of exhibits from various Diploma and Degree students on display, including 3D Design, Fine Arts, Interactive Media, Media Moving Image, Graphic Design and Photography. Further, visitors interested in filming may even be given a tour around the studios, and shown the high-end equipment available to the students.

It would be impossible to mention every single amazing exhibit, so I highly encourage you to free up some time and go to Targa Gap and see the talent we have on our island. The exhibit will be open until the 8th of July at 6pm.

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