Gozitan post-rock band to release second single

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Gozitan post-rock act ‘They Come in Twos’ will officially release their second single, titled “Through the Trenches (Into the Light)” on the 22nd of July. In a press release, they describe the song as one that makes use of strong dynamics, heavy guitars and drums while delving further into the experimental side through the utilization of various strings and electronica.

They describe the song’s concept as being about the ‘personal battle to confront the toughest of obstacles in order to achieve the ultimate goal, whatever it may be, and no matter how dirty one’s hands get in the process.’

‘They Come in Twos’ is made up of songwriters Christian Farrugia, formerly of Saving Alexis, and Paul Formosa, both hailing from Xaghra, Gozo. Currently a studio-only act, the band is planning to issue further releases throughout the second half of 2014.

“Through the Trenches (Into the Light)” was recorded at 3some Studios, Msida, produced by Kenny D’Ugo and Dave Calleja and mixed and mastered by Kenny D’Ugo.

The debut single of ‘They Come in Twos’- “Static Made This Way”

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