Events – February 2013

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Halfway through exams finally! Here’s what’s on our calendar from the 5th February onwards:

KSU International Students’ Welcome Party 2013, Tuesday 5th, 2013 - KSU will be welcoming the second lot of international university students on campus by organising a get together at Dun Karm Square. More info here:

BetaPsi End of Exams Party, Tuesday 5th,2013- Yet another after exam celebration, this time organised by Beta Psi.

ICTSA Midterm Mind Mender, Wednesday 6th,2013 – ICTSA are inviting all university students to unwind at their after exams bash at XO Lounge. More details here:

The Post Hibernation:End of Exams Gathering,Wednesday 6th ,2013 – ASA will be ending your exams hibernation with an end of exams gathering at Anvil. Special offers at the bar will be available throughout the night:

The Insite Leaders’ Debate on Campus, Wednesday 13th February,2013 - With campaigns from all three sides in full swing, things are heating up in the run-up to the 2013 General Election. Insite is pleased to announce that it shall once again be organising a leaders’ debate on campus, bringing together the leaders of the three political parties contesting next month’s general election.

Share !T 3,Friday 15th February,2013 – S-cubed return with another informative science session from the Share !T edition with guest presenters Fabian Micallef, Alexander Hili and Kris Bajada. More info here:

The Million Dollar Idea,Saturday 16th February,2013 – ICTSA are organising a business competition with a preliminary session on Saturday. Guest speakers will be giving an overview on how to setup a business and how to plan a marketing strategy. The event is open to the public, even non-competitors.

SDM Electoral Programme Conference,Wednesday 20th February,2013 – SDM will be discussing the three electoral manifestos published by PN, AD and PL  in light of the run-up to the General Election. A political representative will be present from each party to discuss youth, higher education,employment and civil society issues. Facebook link available below:

 KSU General Elections Debates 2013, Thursday 21st February,2013 and Thursday 28th February,2013 –  KSU will be holding a series of debates to foster deeper knowledge and understanding of the political parties’ proposals for this year’s General Election. On the 21st Feb the debate will be between the Education spokespersons whilst on the 28th Feb the debate shall be between the three political parties’ deputy leaders. More information can be found here:

Manifestos under the Lens, Friday 22nd February,2013 – Pulse shall be organising a conference consisting of an evaluation of the political parties’ manifestos. The evaluation is presently being compiled by the Pulse Social Policy Commission with feedback from several entities regarding current issues  mentioned in the election proposals. More details here:

The Million Dollar Idea,Friday 22nd February, 2013 – ICTSA will be following up their informative business session with a competition held at the Microsoft Innovation Center at Skyparks. For more information regarding participation enter the link below:

The Laboratory – End of Exams Party,Saturday,23rd February,2013 - S-Cubed will be experimenting right after the 1st semester exams in Siggiewi in what will be  ”a concoction of toxic waste, viral plasma, and radioactive meltdown.”  More party info via this link:

MHSA-UESA Medical Technology: the Health Care Seminar Companion,Thursday February 28th,2013 – UESA and MHSA have teamed up to organise another one of MHSA’s mhsaMONTHLIES, this time discussing the contributions of engineering and technology towards healthcare advancement. More details here:


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