Events – March 2013

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March 2013 draws nearer, and with it the end of the political campaign. Amongst the General Election frenzy several new events  are going to be organised by various student organisations, which I’m sure everyone is looking forward to. Watch this post for updates regarding the KSU AGM and KSU election dates.

Il Ballo Divino, Saturday 2nd March, 2013 - MMSA  will be hosting yet another edition of the famous “Ballu tal-Medicina”, this time at MonteKristo wine vaults in Siggiewi. Much awaited by all medical students, the event attracts a large part of the university crowd. For more information on the event and tickets click on the Facebook link below:

International Women’s Day,4th -8th March,2013 – Every year an international theme is chosen to celebrate this day worldwide. This year’s theme will be ‘The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum’ where MMSA shall be organising several activities throughout the week such as an exhibition,make up and self-defence sessions as well as an outreach and seminar to discuss a variety of topics. For more information, click on the link below:

The MMSA Anti-Tobacco Campaign in collaboration with MADS ,Wednesday 6th March,2013 - MMSA together with MADS will be launching another one of their annual health campaigns, this time tackling the smoking issue. They will also be handing out leaflets on the effects of smoking on oral and general health as well as giving out merchandise provided by the European campaign ‘Ex-Smokers Are Unstoppable’.A talk will be held during Degree Plus hours on how to quit smoking by guest speaker, Ms. Anne Buttigieg followed by a  debate, during which students can voice their opinions on tobacco smoking. More info here:

Networking Night, 14th March, 2013 – UESA in collaboration with MGPEI shall be organising a networking night for another consecutive year where all students from the engineering faculty are invited to talk with professional engineers and get to know more about what is being offered in the engineering field. Entrance is free.

MHSA Training and Recruitment Network, 15th March 2013 – A second edition of this workshop led by MHSA trainers  will give the opportunity to another 14 students to improve their skills in public speaking, presentation and leadership skills. Workshop is limited to 14 students strictly from the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS). Application available via this link:

SPAC 2013 – Student Professional Awareness Conference -Friday 15th March,2013 - IEEE have returned with another edition of SPAC which aims to provide information on industries related to the students’ studies. The conference will take the form of a number of talks with a poster session in between.

ASCS One Day Seminar: Your Key to Success, Friday 16th March, 2013 - ASCS shall be organising a seminar with the aim to inform FEMA students about career opportunities. Companies such as Deloitte,MITC, Alter Domus, 6p.m and RCA shall be hosting the talks. The event gives priority to FEMA students but everyone is welcome to attend.

 KSU –  Organisation Days, 18th-22nd March 2013 - Once again KSU Social Policy office are giving the opportunity to all organisations on campus to setup in Quad and prepare for a full week of activities where they also showcase the work carried out, now that half the academic year has passed. Students are encouraged to visit the organisations’ stands and actively participate whilst gaining more insight about what the organisations stand for.

Pre Holidays Party,  Friday 22nd March 2013 – Insite will be starting off your holidays with a bang! Join us at Nordic for a couple of drinks … more info here:

Let’s JEF Out: Part II – Empowerment Youth for Employment, 23rd March, 2013 -JEF Malta presents Empowering Youth For Employment, the second part of four seminars which is part of the project “Let’s JEF Out,” financed through the YiA Programme 1.2. This seminar gives students and youths a broader perspective of the options on the workplace. Information will not only be limited to ‘traditional’ methods of CV enhancement, but time shall also be devoted to more ‘unorthodox’ methods which have sprung up as a result of increased competition.

Il-Majjalata tal-UESA , Saturday 23rd March, 2013 – UESA bring you an Easter event consisting of a great pork roast menu at Rogatino’s in Rabat. For more menu details click on the link below:

The Staffroom – Session #1, Saturday 23rd March, 2013 – MUST are organising their first get together for all their fellow student teachers and their friends:

MHSA Acoustic Session,Thursday 28th March,2013 - MHSA will be organising their first leisure event for this year by hosting something with a twist! Local talents shall be the focus of this relaxed event at XO Lounge where guests Eliza from Tribali, Negative Spaces, Jane Doe and Sky City will be performing live. Location and time can be found here:

KSU Health Subcommittee Football Friendlies,Saturday,30th March,2013 - After the One Night Stand initiative, KSU have joined up with MMSA,MHSA,SFHL and MUSC to bring you more sports activities. The health subcommittee is presenting a series of 5-a-side matches to promote sport and physical activity amongst students. If interested in forming your own teams, follow this link:


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