Medical students beating the heat with new campaign

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‘Beat The Burn’ is an innovative campaign by the Malta Medical Students Association (MMSA), aimed at informing the public of ways to stay safe from the sun.

Members of the organisation are distributing UV bracelets, that change colour according to the intensity of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, around Malta and Gozo throughout the summer. In the face of surging August temperatures, they are also handing out leaflets and sun screen samples, as well as educating beach goers they meet about the dangers of staying too long in the sun.

“Being medical students working within MMSA we aim to offer information and useful tips on varied topics as part of our work”, MMSA’s Public Health Officer Martina Gerada said.

“Age-appropriate health education about excessive exposure to the heat and sun is key,” Gerada said. “Seeking shade, remaining hydrated and wearing sunscreen are simple precautions that often taken lightly.”

She stressed the importance of taking frequent skin examinations, and of seeking medical advice whenever one detects moles or any other form of skin damage.

By promoting ‘Beat The Burn’, MMSA hope to “keep educating the public on the importance of protecting themselves in the hot summer days”.

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