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It’s easy to claim that one is in love with fashion and clothing. Everyone has experienced that feel-good moment when purchasing that one new outfit which then, in my opinion, easily subsides as soon as another event comes along (and as materialistic consumers we claim we’ve got nothing to wear).

Fashion is part and parcel of our everyday lives and I am one who notes and gives extra attention, not only to the way I look, but also to what’s happening around me. I still have to figure out whether the fact that the fashion industry in Malta is not taken seriously and is only, for the large part, considered as a part-time or as a hobby, is a good thing or not. I’d like to pursue this career and I know I’ve got a lot of ladders to climb (and be knocked off from), but I am hoping it will be worth it.

Personally, what I love about fashion is the combination of arts and fashion all together – with the right amount of creativity and inspiration, none of the pieces would be considered as junk. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that’s the beauty of it. Through fashion, as in art, one can easily express his or her ideas and it’s also an exchange of ideas. Ideas are built from other ideas; adding, removing, twisting and turning to best fit one’s personal taste/style.

There are two kinds of fashion, the kind that we get to admire and appreciate like, for instance, the Alexander McQueen (and I mention him because in my eye he was the one who created the unimaginable) which I refer to as the ‘untouchable’, and the fashion for consumers – the type we afford. The rise of interest in fashion throughout the years has made certain brands establish themselves and they have also established the social statuses.

The industry, along with the media, is powerful enough to influence people to purchase and wear the latest trends. Adverts and the online shopping booms have indeed created fashion-hungry consumers, always on the lookout for what’s ‘in’ and for what’s no longer considered fashionable. God forbid we’re seen in the same dress twice or in a dress we bought last year!

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel


But I of course beg to differ. In my opinion, nothing ever goes out of fashion, given that one feels comfortable enough in it and it is one’s style. I am not one that really follows trends, as I dress in what I feel most comfortable and what fits me best. For this reason, my greatest inspiration of all would be Coco Chanel- what a woman! I am not one who dresses as elegantly as that but she most definitely changed the course of women’s clothing and left a huge impact on a lot of people and designers. She herself stated “fashion fades, only style remains” and this is very, very true. The course of fashion is very vast and by the time you afford to get that one item which is so ‘in’ this season, it has already become yesterday’s news. Trying to keep up with all this can be very exhausting (and expensive) whereas keeping up your personal style and adding to it is very liberating and well, unique.

I can’t mention Chanel without mentioning my other icon, who is closer to my age and whom I simply adore: Alexa Chung. She is the prime example of what a simple classic vintage style should be, and it’s no coincidence that we get to see a lot of Chanel on Chung. The laid-back and effortless look that Chung carries goes hand in hand with the exquisite Chanel designs.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

In my opinion, we should all stick to what we genuinely like and admire, and yet appreciate that which isn’t for us but is still considered as beautiful. Clothes should fall into place, just like anything else in life. Why stress and fuss about something which is just so beautiful?


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