Abigail Cremona Resumes Position as KNZ Secretary General

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Abigail Cremona resumed her position as Secretary General of the National Youth Council following the executive board’s decision to reject her resignation.


Ms Cremona’s communication with the council’s disciplinary board is reproduced bellow:

“In December I contested and was elected onto the KNZ Executive Board, in order to work for Maltese youths, especially for those facing health troubles and in need of support. Thus, I humbly accept to once again form part of the KNZ Executive Board and be of service to youths.”


KNZ President Ryan Mercieca called for Ms Cremona’s resignation when it became known that she would be canvassing in a 2014 MEP campaign for a candidate contesting on the Labour ticket, highlighting that her involvement in political activities would be detrimental to the council’s neutrality. Ms Cremona promptly resigned; pointing out that the council members had set a precedent for their own neutrality.


Mr Mercieca’s own credibility has since been called into question. Following a series of breaches of the Youth Council Statute during last month’s Extraordinary General Meeting the council’s disciplinary organ called for a vote of confidence in President Mercieca.


“It is clear that there is a conflict of interest within the board.” Mr Mercieca told insiteronline.

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