New ASCS executive to revamp the organisation

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The Association of Students of Commercial Studies (ASCS) invited us to a brief yet interesting launch of their future plans, as proposed by the recently appointed executive who themselves spoke during this event at the University Common Room. Those attending included the organization’s sponsors, University students, representatives from other student organisations, as well as family and friends of the executive members.

A number of members of ASCS were also present who, as the organization’s president Theresa Fenech explained, would constitute four new committees; education, public relations, events and international relations. They will be made up of 22 members participating in an extensive reconstruction of the organization, to be attempted in the upcoming year. As part of her opening address, Fenech pointed out the organization of business visits to Dublin and several local workplaces as one of ASCS’ latest successes.

Education and FEMA (Faculty of  Economics, Management and Accountancy) coordinator Kristina Mifsud discussed the importance of dealing with students’ complaints, particularly regarding exams, and the introduction of a business development competition for University students, the winner of which will get a chance to start that business up. She also announced that ASCS will issue an academic journal that will provide students and lecturers alike with a chance to publish their work.

As International coordinator, Allesandro Busuttil focused on his office’s duties in setting up a committee to aid foreign students, maintaining connections with similar organizations based abroad, and working to enhance international internship opportunities for FEMA students. Events officer Andrea Varazzo’s goal is to launch an events committee that will work towards the organisation of high quality events that will appeal to the entire student body.

The new Public Relations officer Kyle Sultana spoke of the need to improve the organization’s reputation and standards through the initiation of an effective PR strategy that will include the enhanced usage of social media, the creation of professional Youtube videos, and the development of a smartphone application aimed at rendering communication between the ASCS executive board and the student body much easier.

Vice President Daniela Gauci Borda and Financial controller Vanessa Bugeja both discussed the importance of sponsorships and their segmentation into corporate, social and single-event packages. In fully utilizing these sponsorships, Secretary General Denise Balzan proposed a stronger incorporation of FEMA students with prospective workplaces through such schemes as internships and talks by potential employers.  Sales and Marketing officer Silvana Petrova concluded that improving the organization’s image and approach towards the student body will help them reach new heights.

After the new sub-committee members were presented with brightly coloured shirts to commemorate their appointment, outgoing Secretary General Louisa Serge congratulated the new team and expressed her certainty that what ASCS has already achieved will continue to be broadened by the current executive.

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