New canteen operator next year

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An anonymous source has confirmed with Insiteronline that the University canteen will be under new management as from next year. An official announcement is expected to be made this week.

Speculation arose after major works in the canteen were observed and several benches outside Students’ House were packed up in a van and removed from the University Quadrangle. Vending machines owned by JM operations, the previous occupiers of the canteen, have also been removed from the University grounds.

The source told Insiteronline that JM operations were the only company to have applied when the initial tender for canteen was released but that their application was shot down since they failed to “fill it in properly”.

The source went on to inform us that the University issued a fresh call for tenders but that no company applied. The University is now in a process of negotiating with other parties of its own accord and a decision as to who will run the canteen as from next year is expected to be made early on this week.

2 thoughts on “New canteen operator next year

  1. Anon800 says:

    Apparently There is a Possibility that James Caterers will run the canteen next year!

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