Chaos Unfolds as KNZ Secretary General Resigns and EGM Postponed

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Abigail Cremona was asked to resign from her post as Secretary General and as KNZ executive member on the 15th of January. The KNZ Executive was informed that she had “undertaken a prominent position in the campaign of a candidate, contesting the European Parliament Elections on the PL ticket.”

In official correspondence, KNZ President Ryan Mercieca on behalf of the KNZ exec made their position clear, stating, “I believe that your position puts the neutrality of KNZ into question.”

The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) scheduled for the 23rd January, (where full KNZ members were set to vote for either Marc Vella Bonnici or Mauro Miceli for the post of Sec. Gen.) seems to have been aptly titled.

A bemused exec member brought into question the membership of recently approved organizations, as he felt, “the details of their approval were unclear,” and other Exec members highlighted their disapproval of member organizations’ repeated absence from meetings.

The official report compiled by KNZ’s disciplinary organ, ‘regretfully’ reported that the EGM was postponed due to “a substantial number of grievous infringements”.

In the spirit of comic relief, insiteronline summarized the lowlights of the afore mentioned infringements;

You’re welcome.

-       An out-dated email database of member organizations was used, resulting in recent members not being informed of the meeting. Insite was one of the uninformed organizations.

-       KNZ statute Article 8 was not adhered to when the EGM agenda and motions were not sent to full members prior to the meeting, nor were they read or approved by those present at the EGM.

-       The contesting candidates were not asked to make a short presentation as is required during general meetings.

-       A chairperson to oversee the voting process was not appointed, which led to the shambolic distribution of voting cards (Insite was one of the several organisations not to receive a voting card). Indeed the present executive allowed voting to go ahead, despite many members having left the meeting in protest.

-       A  considerable amount of proxies were  handed out due to the fact that some of the full member organizations were informed on very short notice and hence could not be present.

It stands to reason that the EGM was postponed and there is an on going investigation as to the turbulent conditions at KNZ.

Stay tuned for more updates!

12 thoughts on “Chaos Unfolds as KNZ Secretary General Resigns and EGM Postponed

  1. Redeemer Bugeja says:

    What about Andrew Micallef? He is in competition with Abigail since they are working for the same PL MEP candidate.
    If Abigail was forced to resign because she is helping a PL candidate, why Andrew Micallef didn’t if he is helping the same candidate and holding the international office, isn’t that a conflict of interest? Malta taghna ikoll are making KNZ taghhom biss!!

  2. Michaela Buttigieg says:

    Mr. Attard, it’s clear that you are not from Gozo. In Gozo you can’t do anything without the others knowing and speaking to two candidates at the same time is far from imaginable. With the first move both of them would destroy him if they get to know he is helping someone else. So speak with facts not theories.

  3. Manuel Vella says:

    With all respect to all of you and your street talking! Having all this happening few weeks before a general election is clear that the parties are involved and that the pl are hijacking KNZ to have it against KSU.

    The PL has a majority in the KNZ, how can Ryan Mercieca make Abigail Cremona resign if he hasn’t enough votes in the executive? Unless he was forced to do it from the pl? This is a game and your comments clearly show you are part of it.

  4. Mark Vella says:

    What a shame. Young people deserve better. INSITE should investigate the matter into more detail because it seems this Ryan has been fooling with a lot of youths and youth organisations. I appeal to all those in authority to take action and ask for the resignation of the president.

  5. Luke Axiaq says:

    Shame. Ryan Mercieca and his incompetent sabotaging company MUST RESIGN. These are the people who are never elected in an election but then take any opportunity to take roles on boards where election depends on a myriad of proxies, ghost organisations or convincing contestants to drop their nomination.

    I hope that the rest of the Exec will take action – their integrity and reputation (and that of KNZ) depends on how they will act in the face of such transgressions – a vote of no confidence would only be the least would one expect in these dire circumstances.

    Does the Minister of Education know about this?

  6. John Scerri says:

    I have heard what happened at the EGM and, knowing Ryan Mercieca, one question pops to mind. Is UHM the Union Haddiema Maghqudin or the Union Haddiema Mercenarji? Why is a very respectable organisation like UHM striving to support such people? As for GUG’s comment the fact that Ryan Mercieca himself is its president questions very much its validity.

  7. GUG says:

    In a statement, GUG would like to say that according to its statute, none of its executive members can be politically affiliated, if so s/he shall be asked to resign.

    Throughout the ongoing electoral campaign GUG was formally invited to 3 past events and 2 coming events to discuss the proposals we presented to the political parties before the campaign. For each event a good number of the executive members represented the organisation.

    If any of its members would like to bring to attention to our disciplinary board any behaviour of its executive members which goes against the statute they can do so by sending an email to and the necessary steps will be taken.

  8. Shaun Azzopardi says:

    In response to Joseph Attard “He was recently very active in Anton Refalo’s get togethers…. not to say that he was also active in Chris Said’s too – he is an opportunist and everybody knows that! Ryan should be also forced to resign then!”

    Attending political events and being ‘active’ in them mean different things.. The first doesn’t negate a person’s neutrality, while the second implies they support one party.
    Ms. Cremona seems to have been active in a party’s campaign, and Mr. Mercieca attended some political events, of both parties.
    The reasons you give do not seem to justify forcing Mr. Mercieca to resign.

  9. Maria Vella Attard says:

    Ryan Mercieca and his ‘bella compania’ must resign ! He has been hijacking youth organisations for his own personal agenda without any idea of how to run and represent youths at all. Action should be taken. The situation is nothing more than a farce.

  10. Abigail Cremona says:

    Mr Fenech, thanks for your comment. I would like to clarify that when I resigned approximately 14 months ago, it was due to health reasons and medical treatments I had to undergo.

    Now I have not resigned, but I have been asked to resign by the executive . I kindly request that INSITE publish both my letter of resignation and Mr Mercieca’s request for me to resign. I have always respected the decisions of the executive be it whichever organization I was involved in, and hence if Mr Mercieca and the rest of the executive felt this was the best option, hence I respected it.

  11. Joseph Attard says:

    Oh really Ryan Mercieca said so? Dear Abigail Cremona, Ryan Mercieca has been playing the double game with candidates in Gozo for the past year! He was recently very active in Anton Refalo’s get togethers…. not to say that he was also active in Chris Said’s too – he is an opportunist and everybody knows that! Ryan should be also forced to resign then!

  12. John Fenech says:

    What a Joke KNZ is. It is just a useless body of power grappling individuals trying to keep power within an organisation which has NO use at all. In the past years the council has been an epitome of time wasting, power struggles, internal conflict and backstabbing and has provided nothing but bad light on the Maltese youth generation. I challenge anyone to try and find at least one decent project this council has done for the benefit of the maltese youths other than a couple of obtuse PRs.

    On another note, Mrs Abigail Cremona 2 resignations in under 1 year?

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