Christmas on Campus Officially Inaugurated

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As per tradition Christmas on Campus officially  kicked off yesterday at 12.30pm at the University quadrangle. Although very well attended, the majority of the audience was composed primarily out of student organisations.

The inauguration was handled by Chaplain Fr Patrick Magro SJ in collaboration with the precincts office and KSU.

In his speech Fr. Magro thanked all those who collaborated with them on this initiative and highlighted that this year the funds obtained throughout Christmas on Campus will be going to 3 different charities; L-Istrina, Dar tal- Providenza and RTD.

He also explained that although the funds are important, what matters is the message that is being conveyed and that Christmas should be about ‘…us remembering that we are being saved by a God that loves us’.

In her address Pro-Rector Prof. Mary Anne Lauri explained that this was one of the best ever attendances ever and that this tradition has been dating back to 30years with the last 3 being highly formalised. She explained that usually it’s just the Precincts office that helps out but this time KSU are also helping out and the aim is to collect more money for charities than last year.

KSU President Thomas Bugeja jokingly clarified that KSU have always been involved with the setting up of Christmas on Campus but what’s different this year was the enthusiastic participation of a large number of student organisations and thanked them for their contribution.

The addresses were followed by a very short mass and speeches from representatives from both Dar tal- Providenza and RTD. Each and every student organisation present was then allowed to give a very brief ‘positive message’ and place their logo on the Christmas tree at quad.





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