DESA Launches 2014-2015 Executive-Board

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Stand-first: From left to right: Leon Xuereb (2nd Year Representative), Chiara Leone-Ganado (3rd Year Representative), Thea Formosa (Vice-President), Geraldine Sammut (President), Christine Cassar (International Relations Officer), Liża Mallia (Graphic Designer), Kayleigh Sacco (Events Coordinator), Ben Mifsud Joslin (Editor of TEXT)

The Department of English Student’s Association (DESA, for short) has been around ever since  2006. The past nine years have been ones of growth and development, and the new 2014-2015 executive hopes to carry on the metaphorical torch to new opportunities, and new projects.

Balancing between social and academic events has always been DESA’s main priority, and most of last year was invested in bringing social events back up to speed. This year, DESA plans on expanding its horizons and organising more of both types of events, thanks to its expanding executive (1st Year Representatives and Post-Graduate Representatives will be elected in September). Amongst the plethora of projects that it hopes to be jump-starting in the summer, DESA is highly looking forward to launching its brand new website, as well as revamping its online publication – TEXT – to give more creative-writers the outlet they need.

‘We’ve always believed in the importance of the Arts, even if we do get a lot of flak about it from some of our friends,’ laughs Geraldine Sammut, President of DESA, as the rest of the executive grin in understanding, ‘in fact, one of our goals for next year is to put ourselves more out there with the rest of the student-body, so that people will understand that you can do something with a B.A., despite what that Avenue Q musical song – it’s genuinely called ‘What do you with a B.A. in English?’ – suggests.’

One of the main things that DESA constantly strives in maintaining is a good relationship with both the students of the English Department, and also the academic staff. The organisation believes that the smooth coordination between both is one of the contributing factors of a successful three years in undergoing the course, and what makes those three years all the more interesting. The new executive-board looks forward to a fulfilling year of projects, hard-work, and success.

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