ELSA not against changes to law course. ‘Dr’ title might remain.

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After being contacted by Insite in regard to the recent ‘Dr’ title dispute, Karl Tanti, president of ELSA, highlighted that they are not against the proposed changes to the course structure of the law course.

Mr. Tanti explained that ELSA’s treasurer and himself held a meeting with the Dean of Laws about the current uncertainty and, as an organisation, have come to the conclusion that the proposed changes will be of great benefit to future law students especially since this will finally make the course compliant with the Bologna process which has now become obligatory.

Moreover, the Dean had assured them that if the structure of the course will actually be changed to that of a masters (LLM) the title of ‘Dr’ may still be retained even if the certificate itself is not actually a doctorate. During this meeting ELSA also obtained details on how the course will be structured if the changes were to come into play.

All that is needed for the title to be retained is that the relevant laws are altered. Discussion with Hon. Owen Bonnici are already in place and he has already stated that he sees no problem with retaining the ‘Dr’ title.

When asked about yesterday’s informative meeting held by Għsl ( Mr. Tanti explained that ”Everything is being done too quickly. Most of the issues stem from a lack of information”. ELSA and, to his knowledge, even KSU were not contacted by Għsl to try stir up some discussion and create a unified position on the matter.

He highlighted that ”These students (1st and 2nd year LL.B students) are as young as 18 years old and they are not ready (for this type of situation), they are scared”. In a situation as delicate as this,
”This needs to be done holistically between all the other parties concerned. When student rights are involved we need to move together”.

Furthermore, he questioned why an organisation such as the Junior Chamber of Advocates, a recently formed student organisation, were not being included in the issue at hand by Għsl or the student representatives. Especially when they possess a vital channel of communication with the chamber’s president Dr. Reuben Balzan which could further aid in resolving the situation.

Come January ELSA will be holding a consultative meeting with the Dean of Laws, Hon. Owen Bonnici, the Chamber of Advocates and also with the other student organisations who have a stake in the dispute.

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