Emphatic victory for SDM

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SDM have officially been re-elected to KSU, winning 1989 of the total cast votes that translates to a percentage of 47.8%. Pulse only managed to gather 1297 votes, that is 31.1% of the total sum. While the gap between the two student organizations last year was only 305 votes, it increased significantly this year to 692 votes. 865 (20.8%) votes this year were mixed and 45 (1.1%) votes were deemed invalid.

Celebrations on quad after official news of SDM's landslide victory was announced

Celebrations on quad after official news of SDM’s landslide victory was announced

Out of 12092 eligible voters, only 4196 (34.7%) decided to cast their votes this year. This reflects an increase by 1.7% from the previous year and is a new student-voter percentage turnout record at the University of Malta.

These results mean that Gayle Lynn Callus will serve as KSU President for 2014-15 and it is has also been confirmed that all the other SDM members contesting the election alongside him have all been raised to KSU too.

The final vote tallies are as follows:

Clive Gerada: 1553
Gayle Lynn Callus: 2366

Vice President
Robert Cachia: 1535
Mark Grech: 2377

Secretary General
Paul Caruana Turner: 1617
Kenneth Terribile: 2202

Financial Officer
Jana Pace Cocks: 1533
Alistair Baldacchino: 2355

Public Relations Officer
Simon Polidano: 1534
Andrew Borg Wirth: 2364

International Officer
Michele Cardinali: 1550
Steph Dalli: 2350

International Coordinator
Cleaven Portelli: 1579
Daniel Vella: 2325

Culture & Entertainment Officer
Julia Farrugia: 1582
Steve Sammut Alessi: 2320

Culture & Entertainment Coordinator
Kyle Civelli: 1516
Rebecca Camilleri: 2590

Education Coordinator
Thomas Bajada: 1563
Francienne Muscat: 2341

Social Policy Coordinator
Mina Tolu: 1539
Andrew Muscat: 2368

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