Does ‘Freshed Up’ party need freshening up?

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Numerous University organisations are having doubts on the current structure of Freshed Up, the annual Freshers Week party.

On behalf of TDM 2000, Owen Bonello requested an urgent meeting with all interested organisations to discuss the future of this event. At the meeting held today, organisation representatives brought up the lack of input their organisations will have in the preparations building up to the party.

The other organisations backing up TDM are ELSA, GħSL, SDM, PULSE, MMSA, UESA, SACES, ESN, ASCS and JEF.

Freshed Up has been tentatively scheduled for 3rd October, and aims at having all University organisations welcoming students to the upcoming scholastic year, particularly first years.

Bonello questioned the selection of the current organising committee. It includes Steve Vella and Becky Dalli, both who were present at the meeting. Both said they have no problem in including more people from different organisations to help out with preparations.

The University Students Council (KSU) are prepared to take on the event themselves and rename it, but still leave the preparation logistics to all interested organisations.

Although the Freshed Up organising committee do not agree with this proposal, they will leave it up to the organisations to decide individually whether they want the current team or KSU to take over.

Another forum to further discuss the issue will be held later this month.

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