Gonzi, Muscat visit Freshers’ Week

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During a tour of the Department of Chemistry’s new labs this morning, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi highlighted the importance of investment in education. The labs, which were completed in 2011, were part of an €800,000 project partly funded by the EU.

Dr Gonzi was visiting the university on the occasion of Freshers’ Week, which opened yesterday.

“Investment in the education sector has allowed the university to open new courses which were previously only available abroad,” he said.

He also noted that, while other countries were cutting back on educational funding, Malta had continued to invest in the university and other educational institutions like MCAST and the Junior College.

Opposition leader Joseph Muscat also visited the university campus this morning. During his visit, Dr Muscat emphasised the importance of economic growth, saying that economic growth would generate wealth and thus increase resources for the university to be able to further invest in students.

He also tackled the stipends issue, saying that a Labour government would not do away with stipends. “If anything, stipends will be strengthened,” he said.

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