Għ.S.l to revise law notes

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During a presentation in front of a well attended reception of members from various student organisations, faculty organisation ‘Għaqda Studenti tal- Liġi’ (Għ.s.L), unveiled that this year’s executive will try push for a reform in the way course notes are issued.

During the reception a short video presentation was shown presenting each member to the audience. They were then allowed some time to put forward their aims for the entire year.

In his address Mr. Josh Chircop, academic officer of Għ.s.L, highlighted that a sub-committee will be formed where the notes themselves and the way that they are distributed will be put under scrutiny.He highlighted that a good number of the course notes available to students are outdated and that they will do their outmost to try revise them.

At the conclusion of the presentation Għ.s.L President Franceso Refalo delivered a speech highlighting that this year’s Għ.s.L executive is going to try dispel the perception of any partisan bias throughout this year’s executive in order to present an organisation that is truely focused on educational matters pertaining to the Law course.

When queried by insiteronline on the proposed reform of the law notes, Mr Refalo explained that although the ultimate aim for the sub-committee will be to try to improve the course notes available certain factors, such as permission from lecturers, might prove to be a stumbling block. He emphasised that the sub-committee will explore every possibility available to improve the notes.

One thought on “Għ.S.l to revise law notes

  1. Sir Anthony Mamo says:

    About time they’re updating my notes….

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