GUG President in apparent swipe at SDM and Pulse

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GUG (Gozitan University Group) President Ryan Mercieca has taken what appears to be a thinly-veiled swipe at fellow student organisations SDM and Pulse.

“The GUG is not like those organisations which use students to boost some political party,” Mercieca told newspaper Illum. “Our proposals are based on students’ responses to our online surveys.”

“The GUG doesn’t let anybody affiliated with a political party contest our elections,” Mercieca said. “This time, we allowed a person affiliated with a political party to compete. This person lost the election and has now been placed in a Government sub-committee for proposals on their next budget.”

Elsewhere, Mercieca denied manipulating the GUG’s annual general meeting wand which was well-attended by around 90 students.

“Students who want to attend and vote in our AGM need to register up to five days before it so that we can make sure that they all attend University or other colleges,” Mercieca said. “There were some people who didn’t agree with this procedure but it’s been in place for four years now and everyone should be aware of it right now.”

“This procedure will be inserted into our statute next year.”

The GUG held their AGM last Sunday at the Gozo Campus. Ryan Mercieca was elected President for the fourth consecutive year.

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