GUG President- We do not ‘demand money’

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The President of the Gozitan University Group (GUG) Ryan Mercieca said that his organization does not demand money but rather equality.

“Our aim is to have the lives of Gozitan students equal to those of Maltese students,” Mercieca said.

He was speaking in the wake of the GUG’s latest annual general meeting which took place at the Gozo Campus. The new executive board is composed of:

Ryan Mercieca- President
Jonathan Mintoff – Vice President
Deborah Caruana – Administration Secretary
Shaun Azzopardi – Information Secretary
Denis Muscat – PRO
William Vella – National Officer
Matthew Vella – Resources Officer
Joseph Louis Grech – Events Officer
Lauriann Azzopardi– Social Media Officer
Loretta Grech Lateo – International Officer
Loredana Grech – Social Policy Officer
Sarah Scerri – Education Officer
Philip Mizzi– Financial Officer
According to a survey that the GUG carried out recently, Gozitan students attending the University and MCAST cannot keep up with their rent. The majority of respondents said that their current stipend falls short of rent and transport expenses, which range from €80 to €180.Out of 1,170 Gozitans studying in Malta, only 13.8% participated in the survey.

“GUG will always be relevant as we are not about party politics nor KSU elections,” Mercieca said. “We are about the whole reality of Gozitan students.”

“That’s why we’ve been around for 30 years.”

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