GUG question Pulse’s motives behind infiltration of Gozo Sixth Form

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In a press conference and subsequent post on their Facebook page yesterday evening, student organization Pulse officially announced their entry into the Sir M.A. Refalo Centre for Further studies (Gozo Sixth Form).

President Matthew Zerafa and the newly established Gozo Coordinator Joseph Masini claim that Pulse has become the “first student body to be officially recognized at the institution”.  Together with seven new Pulse members who were presented as the initial team to be present in Gozo, Pulse are looking to be a “reference point for their peers in issues of direct concern”.

Masini explained that all this was a “natural step for the organisation which has been championing Gozitan students’ rights and needs for the past years, bringing issues which matter most to them at the forefront of the national agenda”.

All of the above was met with great criticism from the Gozo University Group (GUG).  In a subsequent post on their own Facebook page, the organization went on to question Pulse’s claims.

“GUG asserts that it has been active in the school for the past 27 years representing the sole interest of the student themselves without any partisan intentions, since GUG has been and will remain on being a non-political organization”

Insite approached GUG president Ryan Mercieca for further clarifications.  In an exclusive statement, Mercieca further questioned Pulse’s devious motives for such an unexpected move, especially since it coincides with a loss in the KSJC (Junior College) election only a few weeks ago.

“Instead of trying to politicize Sir. M.A. Refalo, Pulse might be better suited to improving their work within the University and Junior College”.

Mercieca states that GUG find Pulse’s statements to be extremely “misleading since Pulse was only present with proposals a few weeks before the KSU elections”.  He goes on to add that GUG has become accustomed to this kind of behavior over the past few years, and therefore further “questions the real scope behind their actions”.

One thought on “GUG question Pulse’s motives behind infiltration of Gozo Sixth Form

  1. Redeemer Bugeja says:

    This has been going on since Masini was in students’ voice. His intentions were always clear, that of using students’ voice to manipulate students in favour of pulse. Thank god GUG has always been there to take a stand.

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