“No Hate” campaign on campus

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Annually, the University of Malta tries to get the students’ minds off their University stress and into the Christmas spirit by organising Christmas on Campus. As part of this initiative, a global village was held by AIESEC with a ‘NO HATE this Christmas’ theme thus promoting the more moral side of Christmas. Many organisations took part in this activity and we managed to get some comments about their campaigns.

AIESEC, the main hosts of this event, were promoting a ‘No Hate for Different Culture’ message. Asma Dekna, a representative of this student organisation explained how AIESEC felt that Christmas was “the perfect opportunity to encourage people to accept each other and celebrate their differences”. Moreover, as an organisation AIESEC strives to promote the perceiving of diversity as an asset, not a disadvantage. Dekna continued telling me how the global village was a great way to put forward this message in a fun and visual manner by showcasing the various ways that many countries celebrate Christmas through songs, dance, roll calls and shouts. In addition, Dekna pointed out how AIESEC never impedes members from practising their culture but encourages people to cherish diversity and unity in culture and also that such respect for diversity should not only be endorsed during the Christmas season but throughout our daily life.

Agenzija Zghazagh was also present at the event. The organisation are national coordinators for the Council of Europe’s ‘No Hate Speech Movement’ Campaign. Irene Attard, a representative for this organisation, explained how this initiative by the Council of Europe serves to promote human rights online. She continued to state that since the Internet is used worldwide, human rights are unfortunately constantly being broken by such means. This movement serves to promote the elimination of racism, homophobia and lack of respect for diversity and human rights. Also, although this campaign is an initiative for and by youths, it appeals to people of different generations. The No Hate Speech Movement is to pursue its work throughout the whole year of 2014.

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