Autism Awareness - The Sensorial Experience.

One thing I’ve been really impressed with when it came to University life this year is the number of organisations that are constantly working together to raise awareness on various social issues in need of discussion. Keeping up with the theme of the autism awareness month, four university organisations namely MHSA, SIERA, KSU and BETAPSI got together with Inspire in organising a very interesting and hands-on event entitled Autism Awareness.


Episode 11 - #2016KSUElections - President / Vice-President

Join Kwadranglu’s Johann Agius as he discusses the work done by the incumbent KSU Executive with Becky Micallef and Andrew Borg Wirth.


IMAP: Mindfulness Meditation Workshop on Campus

With numerous apps on our phones, tablets and laptops constantly chiming and demanding our attention, there is little space left for quiet time of reflection. Add the student life to that equation and it becomes even more stressful. While trying to work on upcoming deadlines, staying focused can be challenging with so many distractions. Our mind tends to wander, turning a fifteen minute task into a two hour one.



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Episode 17 - Brainstorming

Join Kwadranglu’s Johann Agius as he discusses the recent Brainstorming campaign with Insite’s Mel McElhatton and BetaPsi’s