Health Students raise concern over Lecture Halls being Converted to Outpatients Clinics

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In a statement released this afternoon, the Malta Health Students’ Association raised concern over the apparent conversion of lecture halls to an outpatients clinic following an increasing demand at the Mater Dei Hosptial.

Referring to rooms situated directly beneath the outpatients department, the statement  said that the halls have been under refurbishment since the Christmas Holidays; calling for further information regarding the refurbishment, its duration and alternative locations.

The association is said to have sought information from the hospital’s CEO, who said that the measure was being taken to counter an increasing demand of patients at the hospital:

“Mater Dei are seeking for areas which are currently not used for patient purposes, and are converting them for such a reason. One of the areas the choice fell upon, was the floor beneath the outpatients, where lectures were being held and according to the CEO were only being used for 43% of the time.”

The hospital’s CEO further implied that the issue falls under the responsibility of the University Administration, which the MHSA is yet to receive a reply from.

Speaking to InsiterOnline, an MHSA representative said that the refurbishment was carried out without informing students, resulting in confusion as a number of lectures had to be relocated, confirming however that no lectures had been cancelled and that exam timetables had been updated to suit the refurbishments.

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