To Be Honest: Magazine Launch

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This afternoon saw the launch of the highly anticipated TBH-To Be Honest Magazine, whose highly intriguing mission statement is ‘TBH is a student magazine that chronicles the array of lies people experience in a 21st century society’. TBH is a class project for final year Communications students, whereby forty-five students are given the job of publishing a magazine. So the students split themselves into four groups to focus on specific roles: editorial, design, marketing and communication. Naturally, having such large teams means that issues may arise, either with someone slacking off or disagreements regarding a course of action. Therefore each team had two commissioners who would serve as leaders of the team.

To celebrate the launch of nearly a year’s hard work, the class set a stand on quad decorated with balloons to display 2500 copies of their magazine. I took the liberty of flicking through the sixty-six pages and the design and illustrations accompanying the articles are amazing. The magazine is definitely a showcase of the talent present in Communications.

TBH will also have another launch this Friday at the Valletta Campus.

It seems that May will be the month of publications, look out for Insite’s third edition of the Insiter out next week!  

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