Junior Chamber of Advocates’ Official Statement stresses uniting all stakeholders

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When contacted by Insiteronline, Natalino Caruana De Bricnat, President of Junior Chamber of Advocates (JCA), said that JCA have been following the recent developments of the changes proposed to be made to the law course attentively. He sustained that “Professor Kevin Aquilina, Dean of the Faculty of Laws, addressed the JCA members on the intentions of the overhaul during the inauguration of the subcommittee a number of weeks ago.”

Caruana De Brincat also held that “the Junior Chamber will continue to be observing the developments from a bird’s eye view in order to protect the interests of the profession. At this stage the Junior Chamber formally asked the Dean of the Faculty of Laws to brief the JCA as regarding the practical aspect of the academic content which is relevant to the JCA.” He also addressed the seemingly passive approach of the JCA pointing out that the JCA falls under the Malta Chamber of Advocates. Therefore, JCA has been discussing the position which it must take together with the Chamber of Advocates.

Christopher Bergedahl (Secretary-General of JCA) made clear that JCA has time and again sustained that “provided that the academic content in the new proposed structure of the law course does not lower the standard with regards to the practical aspect of advocacy, then the organisation will not interfere unnecessarily in what are primarily University affairs.”

The JCA is grateful that the proposed course changes will not affect its present body of members. However, it stressed that the organisation does look to the future and “is preparing the groundwork for a revision of statute in order to bring the subcommittee in line with the proposed changes.”

Both Natalino Caruana De Brincat and Christopher Bergedahl emphasised the importance of uniting all stakeholders in order to make sure that these prospective changes are beneficial to both the students and the profession.

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