KSJC Christmas Ball postponed due to lack of required permits

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Earlier this evening, KSJC posted the above pictured status on Facebook stating that their highly anticipated Christmas Ball is to be postponed due to unforseen circumstances.

Junior College students were buzzing with excitement’s for tonight’s KSJC’s Christmas Ball was originally planned for this evening. They are being promised their money back if they are not able to make it to the yet-to-be announced date. Many have taken to social networking sites to lament on the atrocious planning on KSJC’s part, regardless of the fact that it was stated that the problem arose because of permits being withdrawn by the police. Some insist that all this is a result of poor planning and inability to think ahead.

Pulse candidates from the campaign that ended just a while back seem to be putting up a good front. Most were attending the ball themselves, but they are not shying away from accentuating the bump in the road that KSJC has hit only a couple of weeks into their term.

Pulse members are also controversially taking the opportunity to advertise their own ball which is taking place tomorrow.

Insite approached KSJC President, Simon Forster for his comments on the matter:

“We did everything we could and we’re trying to do everything to make this event happen up to this very moment. I understand everyone is upset that the event was cancelled because of an inconvenience and misunderstanding from the police’s end. We promise that this event will happen…There’s a big difference between postponed and cancelled”.

Pulse member and previous KKD (Kummisarju tal- Kultura u Divertiment) candidate also had something to say:

“When I realised that the event was cancelled, I thought something wasn’t entirely right. However, after council members approached me and explained the situation I realised it was not a problem from the council’s end.”

Zarb went on to criticise the police by saying that they should “be focusing on people using drugs rather than students who are trying to enjoy themselves”.

Insite also contacted the newly elected SDM president Joseph Grech, who stated that the issue revolved around a special permit which was required by the venue in order to be able to host a party for under age teenagers. Grech explained that such a permit was expected to be issued in the following days so that the ball could take place in a week’s time.

More details to follow soon.

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