The KSJC Elections 2013 – As It Happens

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The KSJC (Junior College Student Council) election day has arrived and, rather than the expected student apathy one would find at the University Student Council elections, a rather chaotic atmosphere reigned through the Junior College halls.

The foyer was packed with students and candidates chatting the time away. Every now and then, one would spot the occasional yellow or maroon shirt sprinting by. The campaign was on and students were sandwiched between the Pulse and SDM stands.
The queue seemed infinite as students began grouping together from the middle of the foyer, challenging those passing through. By 11am, the halls were alive with excitement.

As per previous years, Junior College students prove enthusiastic regarding their votes within the Student council representatives. Indeed, last year’s  of 80.72% of voters reached, was quite the achievement. Unfortunately, this is a far cry from the 16% of University voters.

With Pulse claiming 52% of the popular vote in last year’s elections, it is difficult to say who will come out as victor this year.

SDM representatives contesting this year’s KSJC Elections are Neil Smart, Jeannette Gillard, Steve Zammit Lupi, Andreas Anastasi, Nicole Muscat, Simon Foster and Kurt Drakard.

Opposing SDM, Pulse candidates are Daniel Camilleri, Cassandra Camilleri, Christian Stewart, Claire Azzopardi, Ishmael Mizzi, Nicole Borg and Ayrton Mifsud.

As of 3pm, a total of 77%  of votes cast has been stated by Electoral Commissioner, Sean Meli. When compared to last year’s recorded total of 80.72%, figures are rather striking.

Earlier this week, the University principal refused Insite’s request to enter the college during the counting process. The electoral commission remained impartial regarding decision, stating that it was not within their jurisdiction. Insite proposed the following conduct:

· Reporters are to have access to electoral sites, candidates and voters.

· Reporters are to be able to investigate and report in a safe environment, without fear of intimidation or retribution.

· The media should be free to cover and report on election events without restrictions or censorship.

· The media needs to be able to circulate freely throughout the premises so that it can follow campaigns or candidates and see how the election administration is working in outlying areas.

· All media should be treated equally. This applies to access to political parties, candidates, the electorate, electoral sites and information.

· Public authorities and other concerned parties should refrain from interfering with the activities of journalists and other media personnel with a view to influencing the elections.

· In order to combat the danger of speculation the election results must be released in a timely manner.

Nonetheless, we shall be present outside the college to provide you with live updates as of 8pm.


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    Simon *Forster not Foster
    just a little correction :P

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