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Posted on 26

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KSU AGM 2010 Ends

Updates from the last hour and a half of KSU AGM 2010:

Pulse electoral reform proposal not approved

Resignations of current KSU. Nominations of candidates. The posts of President, Secretary General and KPS Co-Ordinator are being contested by more than one candidate.

President: Carl Grech (SDM) and Andre Vella (Independent)

Secretary General: Karl Agius (SDM) and Robert Fenech (Moviment Graffiti)

KPS Co-Ordinator: Matthew Bonett (SDM) and Mark Camilleri (Independent)

The Electoral Commission was formed. Electoral Commissioner is Lucienne Caruana, adminsitrative secretary of KSU

Changes in principles on which KPS comments on social affairs.

An group for alumni executive KSU executive members will be formed. They will discuss and produce a report which will be passed through an AGM

Amendments made so that members of the Electoral Commission cannot form part of the Disciplinary Board and its Board of Appeal. Furthermore, amendment carried that members of Disciplinary Board may not form part of its Board of Appeal

19.03: Disciplinary board now being nominated.

18.55: A vote is being taken on the whole of the Discipline Board. One person is being nominated in abstentia, Daniela Bartolo

18.21: Education Commissioner Karl Agius up next.

18.07: International Officer Nadia Papagiorcopulo speaking now.

17.53: Nerissa Pace, Treasurer, says that the Student Opportunity Fund was the main project of the year, with 25,000 having been allocated to it.

17.44: Members of the current KSU team continue reading the annual report, which can be found on the KSU Annual Report booklet which was given to all those attending the AGM.

17.37: Addressing the car park problem. Explaining the multi-level car park proposal

17.28: Order in the Common Room….Not so much outside. More shouting and training of the voice between some Pulse and SDM members.

In the meantime, the reading of the annual report has started. Carl Grech is reading at break-neck speed.

17.12: 172 votes in favour of AGM continuing. AGM will continue.

17.09: The original secret vote will be counted. No second secret vote is taken

16.46: Try and follow this one:

Chairperson wanted to take a vote whether the secret vote we take will be final

Some people didn’t agree with this

After much discussion surrounding the fact mostly that this will lead to vote upon vote, Chairperson has said we shall be taking ANOTHER secret vote on whether the AGM will continue

Many people have left

16.35: Angelo Micallef counter-argues saying that Matthew Mizzi already accepted this precedent when he did not object the second set of tellers which had been elected

Matthew Mizzi passed a comment, “Who here is the supporter of Angelo Micallef?” Yelling ensued.

Matthew Mizzi presents the argument that we will stagnate. The conclusion is that only tellers which were there from the beginning will count i.e. Janet Barthet and Danica Caruana

16.30: Voting ended. More tellers are being nominated. Tellers are Philip Leone-Ganado and Claire Bonello.

Discussion is brewing because people left while the secret vote was taken. It is confirmed that no one came in

Angelo Micallef has suggested counting of votes casted so that they correlate with the head count taken before the vote

Matthew Mizzi is calling a point of order because previous tellers have left and therefore votes cannot be counted. He made an analogy with a judge hearing a case who stops hearing the case halfway through. He states that the statute is being ignored.

16.02: Voting in process

15.47: George Bugeja, Sec Gen of GHSL, proposes vote to be secret so vote will be on paper. The vote is on whether the meeting will be adjourned or not.

15.41: Mark Camilleri amongst tellers nominated.

15.39: New tellers are being nominated and seconded.

15.36: Angelo Micallef contests this decision.

15.33: “LAQGHA SOSPIZA” (“Meeting Adjourned”) – Chairperson

15.30: The room is significantly more empty.

15.28: Supporters of PULSE walk out. They do not tolerate taking another vote regarding the agenda since the first one disagreed with it

15.18: Matthew Mizzi makes a motion for the meeting to be adjourned due to gross disorder.

Chairperson feels that they may continue.

15.17: Franco Rizzo says “Things have not changed in the 4 years I’ve been here”. He conspicuously leaves.

15.15: Mark Camilleri is still in the room.

Tyson Fenech withdraws his motion and says the meeting should be postponed

15.11: Mark Camileri of Realta says it is obvious that the AGM was set up in a way so as to make sure that the Pulse motion is not accepted.

He is asked to leave the room.

15.06 – Tyson Fenech says that point of this AGM was for a mature discussion but this behaviour is disappointing and shows lack of maturity. He says there should be no political agenda in the discussion, but is disappointed that some of the present audience showed no respect towards the chairperson and the other attending audience.

Tyson Fenech withdraws the motion he was presenting on behalf of Pulse, regarding electoral reform, because the AGM has lost its purpose.

15:00: Tyson Fenech claims that the AGM has lost its sense of purpose.



ONE: SEDJA (in support of the Chairperson’s proposals)

14:58: Everyone present asked to leave and re-enter to confirm (a) headcount and (b) that everyone is eligible to vote.   Students shouting “Monopolju!”

14:54: Tyson Fenech criticizing KSU’s credibility.

14.43: Decided that change in the order of agenda is not considered an amendment of the statute. Therefore, vote will now be taken to decide whether to approve Tyson’s Fenech motion regarding order of agenda.

14.41: AGM readjourned. Welcome back folks.

14.17: AGM suspended until 14.30. Motion not accepted by some of those in attendance.

14.13: Pulse angry about particular person who they claim is not a student entering. Some are saying it was Anton Damato but this is NOT confirmed.


Threatening by panel to suspend the AGM.

14.06 – Vivienne Bajada explains that this is equivalent to a change in the statute, because even temporary changes count as a change in the statute.

14.02 – Still some debate going on regarding the actual agenda. Conflicting reports on what the statute says and what is allowed. Tyson Fenech maintains that he only wants to change the order of the agenda and not the statute. Therefore, according to him, a voting can be held regarding this.

13.53: wishes to apologise for any inaccuracies. The point of discussion is unclear to the people discussing and it is difficult for us to get an accurate version of events.

SHOUTING ENSUES. will continue to make every effort to bring you up-to-the-minute accounts.

13.46: Vivienne Bajada is putting across the point strongly that right now one may only propose a change in the order of the agenda. One may NOT propose new matters. This can only be done latest 2 days before the AGM. This is how it is stated in the statute

Mark Camilleri counter-argues: “What is the point for an AGM held for all students if they may not propose matters?

13.44: Doors open. More students file in.

13.40: One student asks why the doors are still closed if the doors are normally closed to hold order during the actual voting process. Applause from people left outside

Counter-argument: Since the people already in the room took the vote then it is them who should continue taking the decision for now.

13.38: Tyson Fenech is proposing a re-arrangement in the order of agenda.

13.36 – Point brought up that reporter from Times is also taking photos

Because he has a Press card is allowed

Matthew Vella declares that after the  anuual report, the press MUST leave.

13.33: People who had managed to come in when doors opened asked to leave.

Camera boy started filming again.

In argument with panel.


13.30: Proposed agenda not approved.

140 against

61 in favour

12 abstentions

Head-count: 218

5 people did not vote

Uproar because door was opened too early.

13.19: The voting counts did not match.

Re-vote on the order of the Agenda of the AGM

13.11: Head-count: 206

Voting on agenda…

13.09: Head count: 151

13.01: Matthew Vella elected chairperson.

Matthew Vella is President of SHS – Studenti Harsien Socjali

Doors re-open

12.58: Votes don’t agree

Booing ensues

12.56: A student has been  asked to take away a video recorder.

Student raises point of order for secret vote.

Other student  opposes secret vote

Discussion ensues.

Vivienne Bajada states that permission needs to have been granted for a recorded vote from before.

Camera taken away

Voting shall be re-taken

12.45 – KSU AGM begins

Vivienne Bajada says that since she is officially no longer a student, she does not have a vote throughout the AGM.

Instead, 4 tellers are being nominated. Tellers are those individuals who will count votes

No one can get in or out until the vote is over.

12.10 – KSU AGM begins: Lack of quorum of 150 students. AGM postponed by half an hour

A quorum is the minimum number of students needed to take an official vote

26 thoughts on “KSU AGM: Live Blog

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  1. Marc Vella Bonnici says:

    13.40: One student asks why the doors are still closed if the doors are normally closed to hold order during the actual voting process. Applause from people left outside

    Counter-argument: Since the people already in the room took the vote then it is them who should continue taking the decision for now.

    one thing missed is that when pulse president Tyson Fenech proposed the new agenda, the chairperson declared that we would be taking a vote on the matter (this most prob would be left out of the agm minutes)

    the chairperson then declares a LIST OF SPEAKER where only tyson says that he will be speaking… according to the statute when there is a list of speakers, only they can speak and after a vote will be taken.

    However certain individuals believe themselves to be greater than the statute and not only ignored the statute but also the decision of the chairperson.

    discussion continued and that is when SDM members wanted the doors opened because according to them descussion was still taking place.

  2. Jean Noel Cutajar says:

    What happened yesterday went against the principles of natural justice to say the least. Once the Agenda was not approved by the KSU members, I expected the Chairman to suspend the AGM until an agreement was found, even behind closed doors, between the leaders of Pulse and SDM (since the contention was between these 2 groups). To disrespect, and moreover, to hold an AGM on an Agenda which was rejected by the Members themselves goes contrary to the scope and spirit of the vote of taken at the beginning of the AGM. Why take a vote if that same vote is going to be disregarded?

  3. Anna says:

    I would like to thank insiter for keeping me updated….from what i\’ve gathered it turned out to be another unruly meeting..pity..

  4. Franco Rizzo says:

    they will be no longer rumours mark

  5. Mark Debono says:

    There were some rumours about a team contesting against sdm. pity they were only rumours.

  6. over? says:

    is it over? are there any nominations contesting against SDM?

  7. Anonymous says:

    how fair is it to hold an agm at such an hour – how many students can in reality attend? People should call for an egm – this agm has no legitimacy.

  8. Franco Rizzo says:

    …saying how pea-brained and monkeying around:

    The AGM was not taking place in an orderly and mature fashion. People walking in and out when agreement/disagreement has not taken place.

    It\’s always been like this. Leave the real and important issues at the end of the agenda so few people maybe able to decide for the many.

    The main issue here is that a majority vote was continuosly contested by SDM in regards agenda, and it was transformed into a Statute issue, when it was in principle just an agenda issue.

    For a majority vote to be put continuously into doubt, irrelevant of doors being opened and closed, is not maturity (where accepts defeat by default of majority). That a majority is taken for a ride, that is dictatorship. Where no one can never ever say no

  9. Karl Galea says:

    KSU is taking all students for a ride. What a pity and what a shame to all those who should be governing our country in the future.

  10. Pure Democracy... says:

    Unless politics is kicked out of university with full force, KSU will always be there to serve the Nationalist party in both in a direct way through student reactions for government policies and in an indirect way as a training center for the future nationalist parliamentary members and strategists.

    Why not name the AGM, AGC = Annual General Comedy.

  11. Tamara Chetcuti says:

    In reply to Justin Fenech: the chairperson is MATTHEW VELLA of SHS

  12. Hannah Sammut Alessi says:

    What a pity…this makes all us university students look like a bunch of pea-brained half-wits who can only get their point across with a show of this sort. And this is an issue that goes beyond petty partisan politics.

    Wll done insite for this blog!

  13. Enjoying the monkey show says:

    no wonder nothing ever gets done in this uni. As long as we have monkeys running our ksu, nothing ever will.

  14. Maria says:

    I went to the KSU AGM last year because I felt it was my duty to do so… but I left after a couple of hours because of confusion similar to what is happening today… it put me off going today… thank goodness!!

    It\’s such a shame that the AGM has to end up like this because it should be an event that all students go to and enjoy to a certain extent.

  15. Meinrad says:

    Mizzi King!!!!

  16. tralala says:

    The chair is not chairing the AGM himself. The confusion is due to the interference on what is the order of the agenda and the chair is being continously bullied by those who did not have the majority in the room. namely SDM.

    But then again we know what the issue really is. Just noone got the balls to say it.
    Giving voting rights to JC students makes all votation in KSU election and AGM a farce as the turnout depends on who rallies the biggest number of JC students… there is an institutional problem and JC ought to be given full autonomy including their administrative institutions.

  17. xxx says:

    if students want a successful KSU team there shouldn\’t be political affiliated teams

  18. Shame on SDM! says:

    This fracas shows what SDM is capable of doing in order to maintain its grip on power. Well continue dear SDM members organising your glorified parties and environmental fairs while sucking more funds \’to make the student voice heard.\’

    Students really love your way of organising parties and conventions and beautifully written reports worth less than toilet paper. Ah well, you have issued a statement on climate change, really needed well done!

    Boycott KSU, Boycott SDM!

  19. Justin Fenech says:

    Who is the Chairperson of the AGM?

  20. Eemer and Gianluca says:

    xi zo** qed jigri femuni liji ;]
    min qed jikteb dawn live comments ?

  21. xxx says:

    this is all BS…in the end nothing gets done anyway…..

  22. ms.zzzzzzz says:

    and they haven\’t even started discussing what\’s on the agenda, yet.

  23. tralala says:

    it just goes to show the lack of trust and credibility the KSU office is suffering at the moment. Every single issue that arises people start shouting murder instead of reasoning matters through.

    Makes me wonder with such an environment if the Pulse proposal will actually bring more representation and therefore a calmer more reasoned environment for dialogue or bring KSU to a halt altogether….

    for the time being still in favour of it. political interference is too much in our student bodies… there need be space for wider participation.

  24. Luca Mule Stagno says:

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with everyone? I mean, everything has to be shouted about, EVERYTHING!

    Even something as simple as letting people in to the meeting!

  25. tralala says:

    why are only 2 hours exempted for students for the AGM to take palce if it runs so late?

    Not fair towards those whose subjects do not allow them flexibility to fail the lecture..

    10x for keeping me uptodate at least…

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