KSU Election 2014: Pulse Candidates Profiles

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Following Insite’s debate, KSU Candidates in the Hotseat, we conducted short interviews with all of Pulse’s candidates.

Join us on quad for our next debate: The KSU election debate, where presidential candidates Gayle Lynn Callus (SDM) and Clive Gerada (PULSE) go head to head in what should be a heated debate.

Role: Culture and Entertainment

Fun fact: Is terrified of spiders and so gives them names. Such as ‘George’ and ‘Michael’


“We must work on students’ inclusivity”


Role: Culture and Entertainment

Fun fact: Still has a poster of Ira Losco in his room


Student organisations should be made part of the decision process”


Role: Social Policy

Fun fact: Cycles every day to University because she’s lazy


“We need a more proactive KPS”


Role: Financial Officer

Fun fact: When she was a child she went to take a picture at a zoo in front of the monkey’s cage, however as she rested against the railing she ended up in the cage with the monkeys.


“Transparency is key and we must work on it”


Role: Secretary General

Fun fact: Is extremely ticklish.


“KSU should be in the centre of student’s life, together with them.”


Role: Vice President

Fun fact: I got held in an airport in Chile for carrying an apple which had already travelled through Vienna, London and New York.


“KSU should foster student participation and not remain hidden”


Role: Public Relations Officer

Fun fact: Has on average 15 cups of coffee every day


“We need a yearlong relationship with people outside the University of Malta as well as inside”


Role: International Coordinator

Fun fact: Everybody thinks his nickname is ‘Paki’ because he’s from Pakistan


“International students must be integrated as one with us”


Role: International Officer

Fun fact: Is the voice in the classic duo Kemmuna Airways’ song ‘Superman’


“We want a more united University”


Role: Education

Fun Fact: Has a one-eyed hamster named Peppinu.


“We have to build upon what has already been done.”


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