KSU Elections 2014: SDM Candidate Profiles

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Following Insite’s debate, KSU Candidates in the Hotseat, short interviews were conducted with all of SDM’s candidates.

Join us on quad for our next debate: The KSU election debate, where presidential candidates Gayle Lynn Callus (SDM) and Clive Gerada (PULSE) go head to head in what should be a heated debate.

SDM Candidates

Role: Culture and Entertainment

Fun fact: Has a triple-jointed finger


“I will constantly try and appeal to the students”


Role: Culture and Entertainment

Fun fact: Has a doppelganger who was also in his same course (MD).


“We must motivate the individual student to become more involved”


Role: Social Policy

Fun fact: …Let me think about it…


“We must work in favour of intellectual argument”


Role: Financial Officer

Fun fact: Can speak like Donald Duck


“We must put the money we earn in line with what we spend”


Role: Secretary General

Fun fact: Has been playing violin for 12 years


“We must look to the future and think ahead”


Role: Vice-President

Fun fact: Has an obese Labrador


“We should take the role of Vice-President to the level it deserves”


Role: Public Relations Officer

Fun fact: Accidentally fed his family mercury.


“Student apathy should be worked upon”


Role: International

Fun fact: Went to Switzerland with her scout’s group for three weeks doing activities such as fishing, camping and so on.


“We need to hold more meetings with organisations’ international officers”


Role: International

Fun fact: His nickname is ‘Il-Lion’


“We must work hand in hand with other student organisations”


Role: Education

Fun fact: Was a lifeguard


“KE must be more representative and empower student representation”


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