KSU Elections 2014|Election Day: Live Updates

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KSU Elections 2014: Live Updates



01:02 Official Results: Pulse 1297, SDM 1989, Mixed 865, Invalid 45

00:32 SDM begin to blast campaign tune after campaign tune, spanning over the past 2-3 elections, as Carl B [podcast] is cut short at the unaffiliated hot dog stand close by.

A certain student’s ecstasy has revealed some inner primate characteristics, having climbed up the (significantly high) Pulse structure for a nice view of the door at students’ house. He however quickly climbs back down.

We would like to remind followers that official results are yet to be released, and that no indications have been given by the commission.

00:20 A little update from the outside of Students’ House, like other years – news from inside students house have made it out. SDM have begun blasting music to drown out any sense of uncertainty, as candidates start to be raised on supporters’ shoulders. While there is no official result from the commission, the atmosphere from around the SDM stand is nothing but celebratory, make of it what you will.

00:15 Lots of commotion in the common room as the commission tried to urge the officials to confirm counting. Expecting an official result in 10-15 minutes but it’s pretty apparent that SDM have won this election.

00:12 Pulse are evacuating quad. Still waiting for an official result.

00:05 All officials are rushed to their tables by the Commission in order to accelerate the counting process as much as possible.

00:02 The Commissioner is verifying dubious votes.

23:51 Electoral commissioner asks for everyone’s utmost attention as we reach a delicate stage of the counting.

Common room box 2 closed.

23:45 Common Room box 2, Sir Temi Zammit Box 2 are now being counted.

23:36 Sir Temi Zammit box 1 is complete. Block votes are still being counted. Official results will be published when they are divulged to us.

23:08 We are more than halfway through with the counting of the block votes. We will give you the official result when we have it.

22:34 Valletta: 1 SDM, 2 mixed

22:32 All 3 Gozitans block voted SDM.

22:29 Piles of 50 are being placed on each table to be sorted. Block votes are being counted. Dubious votes are to be placed aside, to be reviewed by the Commissioner himself.

The Commissioner was interrupted by a loud bang as a chair was knocked over, and he threatened to kick Ernest Mercieca out.

22:24 It has been confirmed that a total of 4196 students voted.

2:16 The Electoral Commissioner is sternly reminding those present to remain focused so no other mistakes are made. They are being recounted.

22:04 The votes of Junior College box 1 were not all reconciled, with a discrepancy of 10. They are being recounted.

21:53 Common Box 1: 2066 eligible, 582 voted

Sir Temi Zammit box 2: 2029 eligible, 574 voted

21:48 Junior College Box 2 (2nd years): 1040 eligible, 272 voted

Gozo: Eligible 151, voted 3
Valletta Campus: Eligible 77, voted 3

21:44 Some figures as they come to us.

Common Room box 2: 817 voted
Medical School Mater Dei: 1778 eligible, 454 voted

21:34 Before any counting or sorting can begin, the ballot sheets are split into piles of fifty each.  This process is expected to take a while longer.

21:30 A healthy dose of energy drinks have arrived for everyone present including us.

21:28 Follow our livestream on

21:20 The ballot boxes have been opened and Sir Temi Zammit box 1 votes are all on the tables.

21:04 Representatives from both parties have started streaming in.  They are taking their places at each table in order to supervise the process.

The Electoral Commissioner is giving instructing everyone about the process.

Tensions are clearly high.


20:25 The common room smells of Pizza as the electoral commission takes a well-deserved break before the counting of votes.

20:18 Voting is now closed. The boxes are being carried in. Follow our live blog for updates during the counting of votes and watch out for our livestream.

19:07 This afternoon, InsiterTV met up with Graziano Geremia, an Erasmus student who, despite not being able to vote in today’s KSU election, was seen around campus trying to encourage those who can to do so!

 18:48 According to the Electoral Commission, 3941 votes have been submitted by 6:30 pm. This is equivalent to 32.6% out of the total number of eligible voters. The final voting percentage last year was 33.43%.

18:25  A dispute has broken out between members of Pulse and SDM as well as the Electoral Commissioner. When questioned, Christopher Vella, vice-president of Pulse, claimed that SDM had tried to win some last-minute votes by setting up a stand right outside Gateway with the intention of offering free coffee and sandwiches to those emerging students whose lectures at Gateway will soon finish. He described such a move by SDM as simple ‘propaganda’. The situation has now been resolved and the sandwiches have all been eaten. Rumour has it that the coffee boiler will be transferred to Quad.


17.48 There seems to be a general aura of disapproval over the retention of promotional banners around campus. ‘Silent day’? What ‘silent day’?

16.26 According to the Electoral Commission, over 2900 students have cast their vote up to this point in time.  This is equivalent to 24% of the eligible voters.

This is relatively similar to the figures from last year, where by 3pm 3191 students had cast their vote out of 13405 eligible voters (23%).

A similar turnout to that of last year is therefore expected by the time the voting ends.

Gayle Lynn Callus (left) and Clive Gerada (right) share an intimate moment with the camera before scrambling away to continue convincing people to vote

Gayle Lynn Callus (left) and Clive Gerada (right) share an intimate moment with the camera before scrambling away to continue convincing people to vote

14.58 Latest updates from the Electoral Commission:

The Valletta and Gozo ballot boxes have arrived on campus with a total of 6 votes collectively.

Valletta: 3/77 3.9%

Gozo: 3/151 2%

The Gozo ballot box arriving on Campus

The Gozo ballot box arriving on Campus

13.51 The Nitpicker just brightened up our day a little bit and sent us his take on the elections.

Read it here:

13.15 More photo updates:




12.45 The Electoral Commission has just announced that the turnout up until 12 pm was of 1463 votes cast, which is 12% of the eligible voters.

11.00 More photo updates:



10.55 Official update from the Electoral Commission: everything is running smoothly at Junior College, with a positive turnout, especially from first years.

10.05 Some photo updates from this morning:





8.47  Most boxes are now open, with the exception of those at the Valletta and Gozo Campus, since presumably, electoral commission members need a little more time to get there – happy voting! We’d like to remind everyone the voting venues – which can be found below in a previous update.

STZ Box 2014


8:30 - We’ve  been informed that there was a slight delay at Sir Temi Zammit due to the computers, which are used to verify students by the registrar, took longer to arrive. Pulse candidate Paul Caruana Turner was first to vote.

8.00 Voting at the Common Room and Sir Temi Zammit Hall is now open

7.55 Pulse and SDM have had qualms over the banners which both organisations have placed strategically around campus grounds. Pulse seem to have been under the impression that there was an agreement to take all banners down at 10pm. SDM on the other hand seem convinced that the agreement allowed them to keep some of the posters up.

After a heated argument, a new agreement has been reached.

7.30 The longest day on campus is finally here, and as always, we will be with you every step of the way.

The Electoral Commission has informed us that there are 12092 eligible voters for today’s election.

In order to be able to vote, students will have to provide their Identity Card, Passport, Driver’s Licence or Smart Card.

The following is a breakdown of the voting locations on campus:


The box at Junior College will be open from 08:00 to 17.15

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