KSU might be forced to take ‘radical steps’

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This afternoon, KSU President Gayle Lynn Callus called for an urgent meeting with University organizations and student representatives to discuss the controversial decisions taken by MUT (Malta Union of Teachers) and UMASA (University of Malta Academic Staff Association) earlier this week.

Both unions have declared the financial proposals from the Government to be unacceptable, and have requested that a new package is offered by next Wednesday. Until any agreement is reached, University and Junior College lecturers have been ordered by the unions to not publish any results. This is of course   a major concern to students, particularly if the deadlines for the revisions of paper and Erasmus+ applications are not extended to respond to this sudden delay.

KSU conjoined this meeting between KPS and KE to affirm a concrete position with all University organizations in the face of another possible refusal by the unions of the Government’s financial package next week. All those attending had the opportunity to voice their opinion and propose ways forward, and the KSU press release entitled ‘Do Not Trample On Our Rights!’ was presented. In it, they re-affirmed that they will maintain a stance of neutrality throughout the ongoing dispute but will continue to fight against the usage of students as a ‘bargaining tool’. KSU urges the parties involved in this dispute to reconsider their positions and come up with a compromise. If no resolution is reached within the coming days, KSU will be forced to take necessary ‘radical steps’.

The consensus reached during this meeting was that any disagreements between the government and the unions should not prove detrimental to students, such as with the non-publication of results. Furthermore it was agreed that negotiations should be speeded up, and that a long-term solution should be aimed at.

No votes were taken during the meeting, but organizations and representatives were encouraged to inform their respective student population of the common positions reached during today’s meeting. KSU, KPS and KE will take further steps to ensure the protection of students’ rights according to what is decided on Wednesday. A KE meeting has been scheduled for the 7th of July.

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