KSU could organize a student rally next week

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KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) are concerned that, after contacting the University of Malta, UMASA (University of Malta Academic Staff Association), MUT (Malta Union of Teachers), the Ministry for Education and Employment, and the Ministry for Finance, no action has yet been taken to secure students’ rights in the wake of the ongoing trade dispute.
Seeing their efforts being ignored, KSU will be launching a petition “inviting students to unite against this blatant abuse of the student body”. They stressed that students will not be held hostage, especially to lecturers’ salaries. If the trade union action is not lifted and a solution found by the 31st of July, the deadline for the submission of results for publication, KSU will consider the ‘radical action’ mentioned in previous press releases.
They said that “a student rally will be called later on in light of the shameful ignoring of student’s rights and use of students as a convenient tool in this whole saga”.

One thought on “KSU could organize a student rally next week

  1. Luke Scicluna says:

    KSU is consistently criticising the lecturing staff on this point when, clearly, the government is to blame… The lecturers are completely and utterly justified in their dispute, and I say this as a student who is also awaiting his results. If they give in this time, that sets a precedent, and the government wins. Lecturers (rightly so) expect to be compensated appropriately for their work, and for their collective agreements to reflect raises which have been received by other government employees. Their only recourse after being ignored since April is to deny us our results, and I cannot conscientiously blame them from taking that step.

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