KSU party to replace Freshed Up

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The annual Freshers Week party Freshed Up will be substituted by a completely different party organised by the University Students Council (KSU).

A secret vote was taken during last Friday’s Social Policy (KPS) meeting following a heated discussion during an Organisations Forum earlier this week. The majority of organisation representatives voted in favour of the party being taken under the wing of KSU, and to be organised in the same way as last July’s After Exams Bash party was.

The other option was to leave the party Freshed Up as it has been in the past, managed by Steve Vella and Becky Dalli with the guidance of other representatives. Numerous organisations have been vocal against the latter option, despite Vella and Dalli confirming that they will include more organisation representatives into the party’s committee if necessary.

KSU will therefore be the main organisers of the event, but all interested organisations can give suggestions and participate in the preparations leading up to October 3; the tentative date for this new party.

The format of the After Exams Bash proved successful as over 40 organisations took part, gaining their own share of the profits according to the amount of tickets they sold to their members.

The name and format of the party will be completely different from Freshed Up, especially due to doubts regarding ownership rights over the name itself.

KSU president Gayle Lynn Callus suggested the Maltese name ‘Frisk’ be given to this party, reflecting the first Freshers Week party that was organised by KSU some 15 years ago.

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