UPDATED: KSU Pizza Day ‘Sabotaged’: Canteen Chef Signed Delivery Form

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Today’s planned ‘pizza day’ turned sour when KSU found the delivery of roughly 300 pre-cooked pizzas filled to the brim with salt.

Speaking to Insiteronline KSU president Thomas Bugeja expressed his displeasure at the situation and claimed that the pizzas were definitely tampered with because there was an ‘industrial quantity of salt’ making them entirely inedible. Considering the amount of salt and the time taken to ‘sabotage’ the pizzas he speculated that it was a well planned affair.

He explained that the delivery man had arrived early and dropped off the supply of pizzas next to the BOV branch situated on campus. An unknown person then signed the delivery form using a signature that was a collection of ‘scribbles’ and thus could not be immediately identifiable.

However, according to Mr Bugeja after the delivery man was brought in to pinpoint who had signed for the pizzas it was discovered that a canteen chef had signed for them. The chef subsequently admitted to both the KSU members and the deliveryman that it was he who picked up the supply of pizzas.

Mr. Bugeja highlighted that KSU will take disciplinary measures and will make a report to the police station with the aim to see the cameras situated at said BOV branch. He emphasised that at this point in time one cannot make assumptions that the canteen ruined the pizzas.

Pulse president Matthew Zerafa contacted Insiteronline condemning the act and giving his full support to KSU emphasising that if anyone has any information that they can contact Pulse directly which will then be relayed to KSU. He highlighted that the situation ‘smells fishy’ since the perpetrator clearly had the know-how to sabotage the pizzas in such a short span of time.


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