KSU and Pulse voice concerns over trade dispute

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KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) is concerned that the education of University students could become a ‘bargaining tool’. This follows the recent trade dispute announced by the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) and the University of Malta Academic Staff Association (UMASA) as a result of what they consider procrastination on the part of the Government in its handling of the two unions’ proposals for a financial package.

In a press release, KSU said that they recognize the benefits the educational system can reap from the improvement of financial packages. However, they sounded a word of caution that any discussions on such improvements should always come second to ‘the students, their welfare, and their education’.

Separately, Pulse voiced similar concerns. They hope that this trade dispute will not result in a delay in the publication of exam results and they are currently encouraging representatives from the University of Malta, the MUT and the UMASA to keep the best interests of University students at the forefront of any further related discussions.

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