KSU has no reserves on protesting

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Student protests are not being ruled out as a response to the stagnation in the publication of results. The University Students’ Council (KSU) said they will take all steps necessary to protect basic rights of the student population during a press conference held at the University this morning.

According to a recent online survey conducted by Insite, 83% of the 313 University student respondents said that they have not yet received any results. In the past few days, the council has received over 200 complaints from worried students and their families.

Without their results, students wanting to apply for Erasmus programmes or to submit their thesis proposals risk missing deadlines.

KSU president Gayle Lynn Callus said that it is unacceptable for students to be used as “chess pieces” in discussions between the government and teachers’ unions. He added that the council does not want to complicate these negotiations, but wants to represent students when they are directly affected.

Education Minister Dr Evarist Bartolo had promised KSU on July 3, one day before the unions declared industrial action, that a long-term solution would be found.

Callus said that student protests will be considered as a response if the issue is not resolved soon. In the meantime, KSU encourages students to continue sending complaints.

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