KSU Supports Stipends Proposal

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KSU stated their support for the  proposed introduction of a pro-rata adjustment to the stipends system, stressing “the importance of a system which reflects rises in the cost of living.”

“ This essentially means that stipends will reflect increases in inflation, and thus ensuring fair value…  such measures will maintain the stipend system’s efficiency and relevance to all those students who widely benefit from this investment.” KSU official Andrea Attard told insiteronline.

KSU also commented on the use of digital technologies in education, pointing out a need for such technologies to be widely implemented across several educational institutions  in order to continue providing a more “holistic” approach towards addressing what was described as “today’s ever-changing needs.”

Mr Attard discussed the longevity of investment in the education sector, noting that particular consideration should be given to “a number of key issues such as the content and method of delivery of subject matter, especially in the earlier stages of education”  and insisted that ultimately more direct funding towards Higher Education institutions is essential to allow UM to retain its position “as a high-quality center of knowledge and excellence that Maltese students deserve.”


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