KSU voices concern over Arriva’s departure: Short term agreement with Transport Malta reached

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Maltese ci tizens had to wait until the final month of 2013 to get the news that in a few months time, that international transport company, Arriva will be leaving our islands. While thereturn of the old ‘orange-buses’ remains highly improbable, it will be a private company who will take over the public transport in Malta in its stead.

This morning, KSU released a statement voicing its concern about the sudden change after having secured a sponsorship with Arriva, which included a screen in Students’ House and  a transport fund.

When approached by Insite, KSU President Thomas Bugeja explained that despite the number of shortcomings that Arriva had, it was still way better than the old system, especially for the students as it offered a number of friendly measures such as the special student fare, smart-card refund for bus-tickets and also a number of initiatives laid by the KSU.

“For better or for worse, KSU now needs to ensure that this changeover does not result in any negative changes to the present service given to students,” insisted Bugeja, referring to the reforms that public transport will be going through.

When asked whether KSU is eager to do what it takes to make sure that the Arriva proposals will be fulfilled, Bugeja mentioned the through the past summer, KSU worked hand in hand with Arriva, until it concluded a sponsorship, which sponsor ship was continuously postponed due to problems that Arriva faced in the time being. Bugeja concluded that “KSU is doing its utmost to ensure that these initiatives are carried over to the new operator, for the benefit of the student body.

Later during the day, KSU issued a second press release, in which it stated that following a meeting with Transport Malta (TM), the two parties had agreed that the agreement should remain untouched for the upcoming months, until a new company took over. TM and KSU also agreed on more regular meetings in order to improve the service which is provided to the students.

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