Malta Adopts Record Number of EU Commission Directives

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A European Commission study released today reports that Malta, Ireland and Sweden have performed better than ever in timely transposing of EU regulations into national law.

The timely transposition of legislation is a necessary condition for the promotion of the Internal Market regulation framework – the EU’s total average transposition deficit [the percentage of Internal Market Directives that have not been transposed into national law in time] has decreased from 6.3 per cent in 1997 to a record new level of 0.6 per cent.

Representing Malta at the proceedings were Hon. Jason Azzopardi Minister for Fair Competition, Small Business and Consumers and Dr Patrick Mifsud, Deputy Permanent Representative. Moreover, Dr Tonio Borg formed part of the commission board overseeing the proceedings.

Michel Barnier,the European Commissioner responsible for Internal Market, welcomed the news.

“I welcome this new record achieved by the Member States and I am happy with the dynamism and strong commitment they have shown to making enforcement work on the ground. This is the best result ever,” he said.

Malta’s high score boils down to the fact that it is a relatively new member state with many directives yet to adopt; thus when all enforcement indicators are taken into account, Romania, Estonia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Lithuania are the best overall performers – conversely Italy, followed by Spain and Greece,  accounts for the highest number of infringement proceedings launched by the Commission. The majority of the said infringements are in the areas of taxation and the environment.

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