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When considering that the youth turnout of the last MEPs election was a mere 29%, which is around 4% less from 2004’s turnout, it comes to no surprise that the fear is for these numbers to continue dwindling. It is easy to discuss apathy in youth without actually doing something about it, but Kunsill Nazzjonali Taz-Zaghzagh (KNZ) have.

This afternoon saw the official launch of their ‘Meet the Candidates’ magazine, the aim of which is to help youth know the candidates better before the upcoming elections this Saturday. KNZ’s President, Isabelle Camilleri, wished to encourage young people to vote, because it is of the highest importance for the youth to be heard. She stressed how it is Malta’s tenth anniversary since entering the European Union and she feels that we are taking certain opportunities for granted, such as international exchanges, which have become easier to do thanks to the EU.

Paul Caruana Turner, KNZ’s PRO as well as Editor of the magazine hoped that the magazine would give people more insight into what candidates feel regarding issues concerning youth. Therefore, they would be able to make a more informed decision. The magazine also contains infographics which explain how the EU parliament works.

Helga Ellul, who was also present at the launch, congratulated KNZ for being the only publication regarding the MEP election to be in English. She claimed that it was necessary for foreigners who live in Malta who could not understand Maltese so that they may still be informed about the candidates.

Therese Comodini Cachia also praised KNZ for taking this initiative to encourage youth to vote. She hoped that this would be reflected in the turnout.

Unfortunately, Helga Ellul and Therese Comodini Cachia were the only MEP candidates who managed to attend the launch, as the event clashed with a press conference. Nevertheless, Insite would like to congratulate KNZ for their hard work in bringing the candidates closer to the people, as well as extending a heartfelt good luck to all the candidates contesting.

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