Where did the mixed votes go?

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The dust has settled over another KSU election and a landslide victory for SDM. While I wish the best of luck to the winning candidates for their upcoming term, I have taken the liberty of calculating how the student council would have looked like if only the 865 mixed votes cast had been taken into consideration. Subtracting each candidate’s vote tally from that of the student organization they represented, here are the hypothetical alternative results:


Clive Gerada 256
Gayle Lynn Callus 377


Robert Cachia 238
Mark Grech- 388

Secretary General

Paul Caruana Turner 320
Kenneth Terribile 213

Financial Officer

Jana Pace Cocks 236
Alistair Baldacchino 366

Public Relations Officer

Simon Polidano 237
Andrew Borg Wirth 375

International Officer

Michele Cardinali 253
Steph Dalli 361

International Coordinator

Cleaven Portelli  282
Daniel Vella 336

Culture & Entertainment Officer

Julia Farrugia 285
Steve Sammut Alessi 331

Culture & Entertainment Coordinator

Kyle Civelli 219
Rebecca Camilleri 601

Education Coordinator

Thomas Bajada 266
Francienne Muscat 352

Social Policy Coordinator

Mina Tolu 242
Andrew Muscat 379

These results show that SDM would still have managed to win the vast majority of their seats. In fact the only Pulse candidate who would have got elected to KSU would have been Paul Caruana Turner in the role of Secretary General. On the other hand, Kenneth Terribile, his SDM counterpart and the new KSU Secretary General, would have received fewer votes than any of the other 21 candidates. I do not intend to pass premature judgement on Kenneth Terribile and his merits but it is hard to deny that this is quite an interesting statistic…

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