Newly launched course sees its first set of graduates

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The first group of students who decided to read for a B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Technology, back when the course was introduced three years ago at the University of Malta (UoM), celebrated the completion of their degree last night on Campus.

Professor Lilian Azzopardi is the Head of the Department of Pharmacy at UoM. Speaking to Insiteronline, she expressed her satisfaction with this first batch of graduates who she believes have reached the targets expected of them. She explained that there is a rising need within the pharmaceutical industry for people specifically trained in pharmaceutical technology. The interest among youth in Malta in pursuing this particular line of work has also witnessed an exponential growth, as indicated by the fact that 12 out of the current 25 students enrolled within the course have just finished their first year.

One of these graduates, Kurt Borg, is currently the chairperson for the Association for Student Pharmaceutical Technologists (ASPT). He spoke to Insiteronline of the need for increased specialization within the pharmaceutical industry. He feels that a lot of people often tend to associate ‘pharmacy’ solely with its clinical aspect.  However, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes with regards research into the manufacturing of high-quality drugs and medications that, once scientifically proven to be both safe and effective, are then sent to clinics as potential prescriptions to patients. This is the pharmaceutical aspect that this newly-launched course focuses on and Borg encourages scientifically-minded people to consider applying for it. He described the course and the several career pathways it opens up as both mentally engaging and ‘personally satisfying’ in the realization that one’s own research can culminate in the improved well-being of patients.

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